Roon 1.3 + tidal MQA + Chord Mojo + schist Lyr + hifiman he-560

(peter ryan) #1

Roon 1.3 with tidal HiFI MQA with dsp turned on - Upsampling on MacBook i7 to DSD 128. with the aid of the Chord Mojo…EQ settings to compensate my hifiman HE-560 amped with the Schiit Lyr… This is my music listening system away from home… I really enjoy this little setup. This system cost a fraction of my home system (very small percentage :slight_smile: , but when i start listening to some music with this setup, i realized after 4 hours that times flew by and i just want to put on another album to enjoy. I tweaked the EQ for a couple of hours and found the perfect setting that i really like…Amazing sounds from amazing artist pouring in my head for my personal pleasure…joy.


(Patrice Moracchini) #2

could you share your eq settings for the hifiman he 560 please?