Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities

And stops/breaks other zones in grouped playback :cry:

Another thing might be the glowing star indicating quality. In low quality is orange but everything else is silver. Maybe something else for 44/16 and something other for higher quality.

Will there be any basic sound quality improvements (with respect to conventional PCM RAAT streaming to an endpoint) included as part of the 1.3 update? I had assumed 1.3 would offer additional features but something I read elsewhere hinted that maybe some sound quality optimisation might also be included in the package.

Some improvements are highlighted here:

In particular, upsampling and parametric eq are very cool. Given all these changes, it looks like the playback engine is fully re-written and I would hope is improved from the current version. If all else fails, you have HQPlayer (which I used today with Roon) and it sounds great.

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I would like to have an automated EQ system in Roon 1.3, an automated measurement system, like Dirac.
Maybe its already part of the coming release.

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I also would like to see the introduction of folders…
I would like to see the availibility of older fileformats like Ape, the possibility to play sacd isos directly, without splitting them up.
These are my wishes for future releases…

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An extra folder or two to store specific titles would be a great feature. For example, a specific folder for Tidal MQA albums (or an MQA banner on the album cover).

Once 1.3 is released I would suggest not just that this thread is closed, but that users take the time to familiarise themselves with all the things that 1.3 has to offer.

It will be unhelpful if people request stuff that is already there (which happens a lot already :wink: )

So when it hits your computers, please take a good few weeks of playing before you formulate your requests for the future.


This - A huge MQA tab that takes you to ALL MGQ albums. The “Masters” section on Tidal does not show all MQA titles.

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What’s all this talk about an MQA tab? It seems so contrary to the way Roon works? A “Focus” option for MQA is all we need, I would think, and yes for “Masters” albums it is badly needed.


Focus is already available to search for downloaded MQA files we just need it to work with Tidal items in our library and for an easy way to find MQA files on Tidal.

That’s right. Well put, Philr.

“Focus” is not the same as “Folder”.
It is not “all we need”. I want something different. Something more.
I want to have the possibility of a proper folder management.
This is a wish for the future.

Out of interest what do you feel the advantage of a folder would be over bookmarked focus results or bookmarked tag filters? For the life of me I can’t think of one.

Manually maintained folders:
Create a tag for the folder you would like to create. Apply the tag to the albums or artists you would want in the folder. With a bookmark saved to the Tag view you have a quick easy way to get to it.

Smart folder:
Create a focus on content and save it as a bookmark, you then have quick access to this “smart folder”.

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It did take me a while to get used to the Focus concept. I was so used to searching for everything with folders. But Roon eschews the idea of folders by providing a new and IMO more powerful ways to find stuff. Perhaps Roon will eventually add folders, but to me it seems so unnecessary.

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I am aware of the different possibilities the focus function provides. I use it a lot…
I dont want to have that replaced or anything the like.
I started computer music streaming some 11 years ago with a first NAS sold by Linn, with all their Music on back then.
My collection has grown quite a lot over the years and I started with folder management from the very beginning. That system remained in place more or less. I have no complaints about Roon, as I use it daily and like it alot.
Simply additional folder management possibilities would make life easier for me.
As my grown structure is also used by other programs, usually to access music in format not available in Roon, a change in my structure means a lot of work.
Thats why a proper folder management is on my wishlist.

Many of us (and the Roon team) resist the folder concept and this is part of a prevailing trend in the computer industry for managing all kinds of content. You see this in many other systems.

We observed that it is easier to find things in the global internet than on our own computers. In the case of music, a search on Amazon is much easier and quicker than navigating your own folders. And as search became more widespread, we abandoned folders. For example, mail systems like Outlook have folders but few use them anymore, we use search instead. And for common lookups, we use “smart folders” or bookmarks as a way to pre-package searches.

Some of us also object to having to act as librarians, carefully filing things away in the right folder.

But it isn’t just that folders are inconvenient, they are actively harmful. The main problem is that an item can be in only one folder, and once you put it there it is difficult to find it under a different perspective. I recently downloaded a recording of Beethoven sonatas produced by Audio High, and I might want to put it in a Classical folder, or in a Piano Sonatas folder (which may or may not be a subfolder of Classical, there are avant-garde sonatas), or I may file it under the artist Robert Silverman, or under MQA, or under Special Downloads or even under Audio High (good to keep track of where I bought it in case the file is lost or damaged and I need to log in and get a fresh copy), or under Recent, or under 2016/November/12. Which is right?

What we need is a “polyarchy” where an item can be classified in multiple ways and looked up equally easily under each. This is what Roon aims to do. And it largely achieves it, although there are some rough edges that are being sandpapered.

This is why you see resistance to the folder concept. It isn’t just inconvenient, it is harmful.

Yes, you spent effort organizing things in folders. So did I. That is sunk cost, we move on.


Its a wish of mine. No need for resistance.
I would be happy if this is under consideration in the future.
If not, its no big problem neither.
I would not like to see the actual conception of Roon changed because of the folder concept.
I think more of an additional possibility, without influencing the actual concept.
I simply dont have the time at disposal to reorganise tbs of data now and in the near future.
Like I said before: I am a daily and most of the time satisfied user of Roon.