Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities

It would also be nice to be able to eradicate the word “The” from artists name searches and sorts. As it is, The Dave Brubeck Quartet is sorted on “The” as the most important term, between The Byrds and The Jackson Five.

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  1. Control4
  2. MQA
  3. Qnap. this is not for me i got a headless server that will do the server job but Qnap is a MOST to convert Meridian Sooloos costumers.

I do understand that 1 and 2 are coming sooner or later and as for what i understand C4 might be in 1.3? but i just wanted to place my vote for C4 here!

In my library I find “The Dave Brubeck Quartet” listed in with Dave Brubeck. Same with The Beatles and The Byrds…all listed in ‘B’

Where do you see them listed under THE…?

Oops - sorry - wrong app - this is in the Tidal app, not Roon.

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This is a huge thread now, I guess indicating the many and varied tweaks and new features that individual users consider important. I think it would be useful to have a new thread to detail the ‘road map’ for Roon development. That is, feedback from the Roon developers as to what is possible & desirable to implement, and can be expected in Roon 1.3, 1.4, and maybe beyond that. All I am seeing here is many requests, but very little from the Roon developers even hinting at what may be being considered, or may be thought to be undesirable or even impossible. A little feedback would be splendid I think!

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This has already been discussed at length here.

Thanks philr! As you probably guessed, I had missed that one. OK, problems with providing a ‘road map’ are duly noted and understood. However, I would still say that there is a general lack of feedback from the Roon Guys through this thread. OK, point taken that this needs to avoid being specific to timeframes, specific future issues of Roon, but even something suitably vague would be useful I think.

I was just going to link to that same thread. I am on the “for” side regarding roadmaps, though fully respect the counter-arguments and the decision of the team. From the feedback from the devs already posted elsewhere, I’m fairly confident that the team are aware of my main issues, though extra feedback is never a bad thing :smiley:

I’m not sure if these constant requests for roadmaps, in any form, or ‘more feedback from the developers’ is helping anybody.

First of all, Roon is a rather small company, and I’d rather have the team work their beep off to deliver ‘what’s next’. What some people expect from ‘a little bit more interaction’ actually costs a lot of time. Second, it is part of their work to figure out what should be ‘next’ and I’m pretty sure they are aware of all our (individual) wishes.

My 2 cts.



I fully agree with your top priorities, thank you for putting them on a topic !!

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Here is an easy fix:

In Roon - Tidal - Your Favorites - Albums…Can you please provide the normal sort options. In Tidal-Roon-Your Fav.-Albums it is only listed ALPHABETICALLY. In other spaces we can sort by:

Could this sort functionality be incorporated in Tidal-Your Fav- Albums please?


The single biggest priority for me is offline play for mobile devices, preferably with integration of music that has been offlined within the Tidal app.

For practical reasons, most of my music listening (6 - 8 hours a day) takes place at work or while travelling via the Tidal app on a modified Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 512GB SD card through a Chord Hugo and Sennheiser HD800 headphones. The sound quality is wonderful, but the user interface is terrible.

I bought Roon specifically to address the limitations in Tidal’s user interface, and on the rare occasion that I listen at home, Roon addresses my needs completely. Unfortunately, because of the mismatch between my use case scenario and Roon’s current features, I don’t really use it enough to justify its price. If offline support was available, Roon would be perfect for all my current listening needs.


A simple equalizer, or tone control.


A QNAP package for easy installation of RoonServer would be very nice!

  1. Rating songs with 5 stars including Tidal songs, like iTunes.
  2. Smart playlist based upon stars and recent play. Local songs and Tidal songs should be treated seamlessly.
  3. iOS playback.

On OSX Roon has the option to launch at startup. The actual functionality is to launch at login. If my headless Mac Mini is rebooted I have to login for Roon to be is started. It would be nice to have Roon configured to automatically start on reboot.

@frankg - Why not just have OSX login automatically on reboot? System preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options > Automatic Login > ON

Yes, that’s what I have now. Two problems with that. One - it’s a security issue to enable automatic login and I don’t think everyone would be comfortable enabling it, Two - the functionality does not match the description.

Unless you have security concerns over the other people in your house, I’m not sure why it’s a security concern to have automatic login, but I don’t know your setup so can’t really say. If it launched at startup rather than login, wouldn’t it then have to run as root, which in itself would be a larger security issue? But just thinking out loud, am not an expert.

If someone steals a computer with automatic login they have access to everything on it even if the owner has gone to the trouble of encrypting the drive.

OS X allows the UserName parameter to run as a user other than root.