Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities

On OSX Roon has the option to launch at startup. The actual functionality is to launch at login. If my headless Mac Mini is rebooted I have to login for Roon to be is started. It would be nice to have Roon configured to automatically start on reboot.

@frankg - Why not just have OSX login automatically on reboot? System preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options > Automatic Login > ON

Yes, that’s what I have now. Two problems with that. One - it’s a security issue to enable automatic login and I don’t think everyone would be comfortable enabling it, Two - the functionality does not match the description.

Unless you have security concerns over the other people in your house, I’m not sure why it’s a security concern to have automatic login, but I don’t know your setup so can’t really say. If it launched at startup rather than login, wouldn’t it then have to run as root, which in itself would be a larger security issue? But just thinking out loud, am not an expert.

If someone steals a computer with automatic login they have access to everything on it even if the owner has gone to the trouble of encrypting the drive.

OS X allows the UserName parameter to run as a user other than root.

It’s very easy in OS X to have a user just for media and roonserver with access to nothing much else. Do that and you’re golden.

That is an excellent idea.


and most of all EBU R128 both dBPoweramp and JRiver has that option.

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I’m still interested in playlist functionality. A star rating system which when combined with genre is powerful for creating playlists. As a related item, since many of us play our music elsewhere, the ability to export one of our painstakingly created playlists is important. The Roon system now, unless I’m missing something, requires a song at a time building of playlists. All that work and we should be able to use it on another system. The cloud based idea may solve the issue and I would endorse It if it solves the issue.

Otherwise, SQ is top priority for me. You all have done such a spectacular job there as well as the great, intuitive interface. Please don’t sacrifice anything in the SQ area! Thanks again.

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  • option to view additional album artwork (including .pdf files)
  • allow more than 1 parent genre in the genre editor (i.e., Synthpop = Electronic + Pop)
  • additional releases categories (including, at least, Albums, EPs, Singles, Compilations, Live Albums, Bootlegs, V/A Compilations, Soundtracks)

I wasn’t sure how to word it so I made a photo… A picture is worth a thousand words…

Current Roon UI on left and proposed on right.


My top priority is now being able to connect to your Roon Core over the internet.
Owned music (from actual files) will be streamed from the home network to the remote, and Tidal music will be streamed straight from Tidal. Zones, or outputs, connected to the remote will probably have to be private only.

If I could have access to my Roon in the office (without having multiple cores) my life would be so much better.

Although, for such a feature they will need to will rename the version 2.0 :wink:


VST Plugin ability!

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Android Core support: then I could ditch the PC completely!

Solving the information loop of multiple performance listings that list performances of the track and other tracks from recording heading the listing. That might be a good one to tie up.

Can you elaborate? I don’t know what you are referring to.

Here’s the issue with some screenshots: Different tracks being treated as Performances of same track

Looks like a metadata issue where different tracks having a similar name are being analysed as performances of the same track. Interesting that tracks 9, 10 and 11 are affected but not 8 or 13, which seems to rule out my first suspicion of a syntax parsing issue.

Let’s drop a flag for @mike to ensure it gets looked at with the current metadata work. This could indeed be a priority for 1.3.

It could be helpful to note other examples in the original thread, as @jlo or anyone else comes across them. I’ve changed the name of that thread to make it a general repository for such reports.

That’s a simple metadata problem.

It is clearly bad metadata because the composer is in the Album Artist. This is a sure sign of poor metadata.

And that you have a multi-part work represented as different performances is a problem with performance ID.

As @andybob says, it’ll be dealt with by the Roon team.

+1. Would love this!

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