Roon 1.4 Feedback

  1. DSP is not implemented in iPhone app, but there are requests to permit presets.
  2. iOS devices are private zones by default, change in Device Settings if you want to see them as Zones from other Controls.
  3. No, not at present. Just local library, Tidal and Internet Radio.

Thank you. Surprised you replied so quickly

Happy new year !

I’m missing the opportunity to go to settings directly from audio zone.

I hope that nice shortcut can be back in next release.

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I definitely noticed the same thing and haven’t found a sensible way to do what you described. This was a common used feature for me as well.

Maybe it could be returned in a future update? @support

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Happy New Year Forum,

I would agree the UI is undergoing onesy-twosy changes. I’m sure the developers are having fun. Seriously you some apple like navigation standardization. Even most webpages today have gone to the hamburger stack for some level of navigation standardization.

No one will ever agree on a UI that’s where standardization replaces the graphic artist/developer to constantly make changes that don’t follow a top down design .

As you move forward don’t forget to focus on sound improvements.

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Being a multi zone user myself, I agree the ability to regroup zones on the fly in an intuitive manner could use more work. Not that this is the only way to do it, but in Logitech Media Server, “synchronize to…” and “unsynchoronize” made complete sense to me, and could be accomplished on the fly in a couple of clicks.

Unless I too am missing something, it’s not there yet.

Basic lightning to usb cable will do it!

I was trying to run an cordless DAC, Explorer2, but only the large iPad Pro and maybe new iPhones can. Needs to support USB3 protocol (fast charging).

Can you explain better.

Are you saying that a normal
Apple Lightning to USB adapter wont server you if you like to us the iPhone/iPad as an endpoint ?

Actually; do you really need that official converter at all ?
As long as you can use some cheap USB adapters to change from USB A (Lightning interface) to USB B (morst DAC’s)
or USB mini B (Explorer2)

Not sure what question you are addressing.

  1. I am not sure if the Lightning to USB cable works, I think I heard you need an official adapter.
  2. More important, some USBZ DACs draw too much power to be fed by an iPhone or iPad. E.g. I tried the Geek Out, didn’t work. There is a USB 3 adapter that has an extra female Lightning port so you can plug in power, but that pretty much defeats the purpose.
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Well, lets see if this thread can enlighten us ?

I would like to test the iPhone / iPad route. It may be a very good Roon endpoint.

Also I’m not planning to use it on a DAC that needs power from the phone. Anyway good point to remember.

I am also amazed how good my iPhone X sounds with Roon as a Endpoint! 1.4 is simply pretty cool how iOS devices turn into Roon endpoints!

Thanks again Roon!


I use the iPhone and iPad as an endpoint with Audeze’s Lightning cable that contains a DAC and amp. It sounds great. And the convenience beats all.

But it was designed for iOS.

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I have a Pioneer SP-SB03 Soundbar in my front room (it sounds pretty good and complies with the WAF that came with the house…) that I’ve been playing around now that ROON can use the iOS devices as end points.

Have connected an iPhone 5 updated to iOS 11 and an original Audioquest Black Dragonfly to the Soundbar and it does sound great. Love how easy it is to setup and get running. Using the Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera Adapter that provide a slot to plug in the Dragonfly as well as charge the iPhone concurrently.

Interestingly enough, this same exact setup will NOT work with a brand new iPad on iOS 11. In that case, I get the dreaded “Dragonfly requires too much power” and instead of streaming through the iPad, the music just plays out of the iPad speakers. Haven’t found a way to get the iPad to work, but I’m getting a new Nano iDSD BL for travel, and I expect that to work well with the iPad, but time will tell.

All in all. Loving the new 1.4 update and using the iOS devices as end points.

Well, That’s just not a cable, it’s a lot more :grinning:
Anyway $99 is reasonable.

I haven’t seen a picture on the net what kind of connector this cable uses. Can you show me ?

I couldn’t in any case use this cable towards any DDC, which is what I want to do.

It is great but it’s designed specifically for Audeze headphones, and only supports some of them — my LCD-3s draw too much power. So it has a proprietary connector that fits only those Audeze cans that are compatible.

In addition, it’s limited to 44/48 kHz due to Apple software limitations. Nonetheless, I use them around the house a lot, except for really serious listening.

Not if you use the iPhone as an Roon endpoint. Tested tonight with that Lightning to USB cable. Works great.
24/192 and even MQA. DSD not tested.

So using an “old” iPhone is highly recommended to test out.

Yes, Lightning to USB works.
The Audeze Cipher cable/DAC, Lightn8ng to Audeze cans only, is limited to 48.
Because they go through the Apple software stack, which allows the devic3 to work as a phone, and with Siri.

Don’t mean to be that weird guy but I watch you on YouTube.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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