ROON 1.4 - Operational Issues


Thanks for the latest release of Roon v1.4, its gratefully appreciated. Having testing the new release I have noticed some ‘operational’ issue with ROON. These have been outlined below

  1. “Add Next ” Button is not selecting the track to add to the Queue when the current track ends like in 1.3.

It goes directly and plays the track, meaning that the ‘Play Now’ and ‘Add Next’ Buttons have the same duplicate function. Very frustrating

  1. Focus is not functioning correctly when using the various selection hierarchies as well as custom tags. Very poor and inaccurate results that cannot be Bookmarked

  2. ‘Other Versions’ of Albums and ‘Focus’ functionality is problematic as I have multiple versions of the same Album (Redbook, Hi-Rez , DSD and Vinyl).

What I have noticed is that when I wanted to focus on all my Jazz with BOP and/or Hard-Bop (System Tags) and use Vinyl (Custom Tag) it brought up a tiny selection. On researching the issue further it seems that Roon when focusing is only picking up the ‘primary ticked version’ and not the other versions which in my case are the vinyl copies.

  1. The ‘weighting’ of the new Radio Algorithm is way off as the selection is not as accurate as the last one.

An example of this has been when I listened to Christmas Jazz Albums (Cool Jazz and Acoustic) it then jumped directly to dramatically different tempo an music style (Blues-Rock) which ruined the whole user experience.

Hope the feedback helps in resolving some of these ‘operational issues’



Hi Mark,

Can you confirm what build number of Roon is installed for the Core and also any Roon remotes you are using.

Also … What platforms these are running on.

Hi Carl,

As requested, please find details of my Roon setup for troubleshooting

Build Number (Core): 1.4 (build 294)

Roon Remote: 1.3 (build 276) for iPad Pro 12.9

Plaform (Core): SonicTransporter i7(Linux version by Small Green Computer)

Many thanks


Hi Mark,

Try upgrading your iPad app to Build 294 and see if that helps. Delete your current app and reinstall if you aren’t offered an update. There’s no important information kept in a Control so you won’t lose any data doing that, but you may have to reconfigure your preferences.

Hi Mark

Thanks for the info it has confirmed what I suspected … that a remote needs updating.

Following on from Andy’s post … also make sure the iOS version on the iPad Pro is up to date … as Roon 1.4 requires iOS 11 or later.

Hi Carl and Andy,

Thanks for the Advice

Have updated App and iOS, issue one has been solved. Great news

However Issue’s two and three are exactly the same as before. Focus is an issue as I cannot drill down and obtain the correct results with well tagged albums.

I have just done a Focus at ‘Album Level’ on ‘Smooth Jazz’ (High Level Tag) and ‘Guitar Jazz’ (Lower Level …ie, Jazz Instrumental > Guitar Jazz) so what I should get are Albums that are 'Smooth Jazz + Guitar. What I am actually getting is Smooth Jazz + Guitar + Sax + Drums…etc. These are all the 'lower; level tags of ‘Top Tag’ Jazz Instrumental…so it seems that Focus is actually giving me Smooth Jazz + Jazz Instrumental

Will do a bit more testing on point four and feedback results

many thanks for your assistance



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