Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

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The MQA Tidals cut I have attempted to play through the Devialet sound like stuttering nightmares. Roon MQA sounds great through my other system so the problem must be specific to the Devialet.

Fun, very fun. MQA sounds much better decoded and played through my W4S than it does through my Pro-Ject D2S.


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There is a L-O-T of information in the update and in the discussion here. And the discussion is only a couple of hours old! I doubt I am the only techinically-challenged Roon user who will need to read all of this more than once to understand it.

May I suggest an FAQ page on some of these issues? In particular the DSP/MQA issues and album identification issues are quite confusing to me.

For example, do I understand correctly…

I use a Meridian Explorer 2 DAC. In my Roon Core settings that DAC is recognized as a Decoder and Renderer. So…does that mean I can make any DSP settings I want and Roon will know how to make that all work with the DAC?

Or…do I need to do something to make sure I am only getting the first unfold from Roon (and not using the Explorer as a renderer) in order to use DSP?

One more thing that is quite confusing: The identification of Tidal albums.

Last week I noticed Tidal had released many Billie Holiday albums in MQA. Actually in most cases there are TWO MQA versions, 24/96 and 24/192. I went back and forth between Tidal and Roon to make absolutely certain that these Holiday albums I added to my own library, are all 24/192. (Where there was a choice. I added the 24/96 versions where there was no choice.)

But now – with V. 1.5 installed – when I look at those albums in my Roon library all I see beneath the album cover (bottom left) is: “Tidal.” No information on MQA or specific resolution rate. Needless to say I am confused.

Roon + MQA FAQ is here.

Yes. You don’t have to worry about the details unless you are trying to get a really specific outcome that is not in the category of “the way most people would want it to work”. A lot of effort/thought has gone into taking MQA (a very complex product/idea) and removing the need to understand it top to bottom in order to just listen to music.

Give it a little bit of time. That data is updated in the background. And make sure that all of your devices (cores + remotes) are updated to 1.5.

FAQ is good, but what I understand from Brian’s answers is that we don’t have to worry about it, Roon will do the right thing.

Wrt showing facts of Tidal MQA albums: in the Album browser, it shows only Tidal and MQA (if you have enabled that). But if you open the album (click on it), or play it, Roon shows more info.

I want to congratulate the Roon team on a wonderful milestone release, and also applaud the community for helping to shape the dev team’s vision.

I do apologize if this seems entirely random, but, in terms of the brand-new “Other Versions” tab (good idea & execution here, IMO) rendering multiple variations of a single album on an artist’s page obsolete, I’m wondering why I still have seven versions of Pearl Jam’s Ten listed individually (just one example of many).



Are these versions in your library or on TIDAL?

Might you have the “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” setting enabled in Settings->General?

As I understand it, if the number of tracks doesn’t correspond Roon sees them as different albums rather than different releases of the same album. I suspect track sequencing and/or different tracks on different releases would also cause them to be seen as different albums.

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Thank you Bryan and Evan. This would seem to make sense, as these variations do tend to have numerous track differences, although the different versions of something like, say, my Beatles albums don’t have different tracks and the outcome is still the same. No big deal.

Nice little DAC indeed, even with non-MQA stuff.

When you can take out some of the internal processing and move it to the Roon Core, it seems to squeeze a little more performance out of this DAC (I found).

Might be the same here with moving the MQA 1st unfold processing, outside the DAC to Roon Core. The DAC itself is doing a little less ‘work’ (processing) inside.

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Well done Roon Labs. I just started using Roon with the hopes of software decoding of MQA, so I can have hirez on my Meridian DSPs. It was exciting to see the MQA authentication and decode to 96k in the signal path menu…and the yellow up-sample light come on the speakers. Sounds great… Along time coming!
Not a complaint but a suggestion,it wasn’t so intuitive to know what to do regarding steps to update. I am tech savvy so it was easy, but something on the site with clear instructions would be great.

Dear all, it seems that most of the questions are related to MQA. Roon 1.5 is also focusing on versions. I tried to find in the new 1.5 what is described in the release notes but i understand nothing. What is the version tab ? I still see CD and HiRez versions as different covers in the overview…

thanks for your support.

What do you have configured in Settings > Show Hidden Tracks and Albums?

When Roon detects duplicate albums in your library, they will be grouped together as described here. If you have that setting configured to hide duplicates you’ll only see the primary copy and other copies will be a click away, under the Versions tab.

We will also link albums in your library to any editions of the album on TIDAL, which can also be added to your library and set as Primary.

If you’re not sure where to look, feel free to post some screenshots and we can point you in the right direction. You may also want to check Settings > About to confirm you’re running Build 320 on all your devices.

For those who have the same Album in multiple versions (Deluxe, SuperDeluxe with Cheese etc.) that have different track lengths you can tell Roon to treat them as versions of the same album using Group Alternate Versions in the Album Editor.


First impressions very positive …

Versions tab is a welcome addition. It’s good already but will, I suspect, improve as metadata improves - I found one example where some but not all versions were grouped together - will post separately when I have investigated further.

MQA support - not something that was a priority for me but good to see it implemented so that I can, at least, compare versions to see if it is worthwhile without having to use the Tidal app.

Device database. A really good idea which should make it much easier for non-technical users. I do, though, have one issue - my DAC (Benchmark DAC 3 HGC) is shown as not identified. The software release notes say “Over the last couple of months we’ve been building a database of audio devices, starting with every Roon Tested and Roon Ready device”. Benchmark DAC is listed as Roon Tested but does not appear in the list of manufacturers - screenshot below …

Is this because the Roon database does not yet cover all Roon Tested DACs - or is it because Benchmark need to supply some information in order for their DACs to be added to the database? @mike

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It hasn’t been certified as Roon Tested yet. In the future you’ll be able to check that on the device database site, but for now you can check the Partner Device Matrix.

We definitely recommend letting Benchmark know you’re interested in seeing this DAC certified, but as I understand it the settings for this device should be pretty similar to the DAC2.

I’ll contact Benchmark but, ss far as I know, the settings for Benchmark DAC3 should be the same as for DAC2.

DAC2 does appear in the Partner Device Matrix as Roon tested (in house) - which is why I was surprised to find that it wasn’t in the device database list. Could settings for DAC2 be added to the Roon device database?

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