Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

Here’s a shot of Tidal/Masters:

And another of Focus/Format

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It may be that. I’m certainly impressed, wondering if Roon is handling the alsa drivers better than previously. I’m also using it with Project and thru a raspberry pi.

On my Note 8, there is no MQA Capabilities drop down, yet the Enable MQA Core Decoder is defaulted to ON. Is this correct?

I am assuming since most Android’s mixers default to 48kHz, that there is no Decoding going on.

However, the new LG V30 does have an MQA playback built in, will Roon recognize it and present those users with the appropriate MQA options?

I just realized that just 1 of the 12 new releases I added this week have a ‘CD’ indication, the rest do not. Could it be that these are not CD quality? All are from Tidal and I would imagine should be. I did see that some of my older adds do not have this indicator (what exactly would cause it to not have this?).

no indicator either :

Double check with Meridian Robert. I owned a 218 for about a month and understood it was both a decoder and a renderer. Thus the blue light when an MQA file is played.

All it means @Brian_G is that we don’t have format information on these albums yet. The database will keep building. If we know that a TIDAL album is not CD quality, it will generally say “AAC”.

Perfect. This was my guess, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bug.

@Rugby I don’t see the MQA Capabilities drop down on my LG V30. If I play an MQA album from Tidal the signal path is not lossless, it shows a bit depth conversion (see screenshot). So Roon doesn’t seem to be recognizing it as an MQA capable device. It would be great if these options were available.

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Got me confused too! Saved me asking. :slight_smile:

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Same tour ‘91 I was at Newcastle metro janes main act + primus = Brutal Genius
Good reminder thanks !
Can’t be assed to move so now playing Nothing Shocking MQA file Roon via airplay onto a marantz… sacrilege!.

Thanks Geoff, in my understanding the rendering in the 218 is only to subtract the failures for his own D/A converter, that is primary the task of the rendering as i understand.
The main question is, does mean “no MQA support” a untouched pass through the 218 or that the 218 have nothingt to do as Roon already maked it -At least the decoding step ?

I think I’ve finally got it Robert. It looks like it’s best to always leave the Roon Core Decode setting to ‘on’. The Roon Endpoint DAC settings will overrride that when necessary, so if that is set to ‘decoder and renderer’, then Roon will not decode the signal and will pass it untouched to the 218. The 218 can only render via the analogue outputs. From the digital output, only a decoded but NOT rendered stream can be sent to your Meridian DSP speakers. I do not see that there is an advantage in setting the 218 as no MQA support.

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Is there still no vertical support for the IPad Pro?

Great update. Also works perfectly fine on Windows 10 April Update.

One question about MQA support. I have Project Pre Box S2 Digital (decoder + renderer).
For regular FLAC files I use Roon Upsapling feature with headroom management set to -3 dB.
For MQA Studio I prefer do nothing, and just send original MQA Studio bitstream to DAC (I believe this should be default MQA Studio behavior if DAC is MQA Full Decoder).
I achieve this with 1.4 by just disabling DSP when playing MQA Studio tracks.
With 1.5 I hoped there will be some setting that can enforce bit perfect transfer without DSP when MQA Studio is detected. So far I was not able to find it. Upsapling is in fact bypassed with MQA but Headroom still applies.
So my question is: is it possible to have DSP enabled by default and to be fully bypassed when MQA Studio is detected? If no, maybe a feature request, so one can set this bypass mode for MQA Studio.

I have to say that I am disappointed by the 1.5 release. It just didn’t include too many beneficial features for me. Well, perhaps the most beneficial feature for me was the versions tab. Also the MQA tags are nice, so that I can avoid those albums more easily in the future. I’m also happy that the MQA-fans finally got what they wanted.

I was disappointed to see some MQA-albums in my library marked as primary versions. I didn’t like that at all, so I spent some time yesterday to fix those primary versions manually. I prefer 16/44.1 FLACs over the MQA.

I do hope that it’s not a case of Roon having all its eggs in one basket with Tidal, especially as there are many reports that they are rapidly running out of cash and are unlikely to make any money in forseable future. I have also had no evidence that MQA files sound better than a 24bit studio master FLAC, so I don’t know why this is such a high priority, unless Meridian have a vested interest in Roon. If Roon really wants to grow it’s user base it needs to incorporate other music services into its ecosystem. I think this would add more value to the software than anything else and give Roon some music service redundancy / longevity.

I do agree, haven’t so far seen the light of this MQA virus.
Looks to me that people often are more addicted to news than music.

Reminds me of 30+ years of constant investment in ny hifi equipment:roll_eyes:

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