Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

Yep, the Roon developers have done amazing things and there’s certainly no point being upset at things not being “perfect”. I trust they’ll keep getting better and better as they have so far.

Just last night I listened to some MQA content and was amazed at how good it sounded now that it’s decoded (I only use the Roon decoder, don’t have a renderer, but have some very good gear and the “decoded” vs “non-decoded” of the same recording was instantly audible.


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yeah… I am impressed with the Roon 1.5 update. Great sound and I love how easy it is to distinguish MQA content.


And there’s even more good news that I find quite amazing and well beyond what I thought Roon would be able to pull off!!.. Here as reflected in Roon’s recent email announcement - that Roon can now do decode, then DSP and then still allow an MQA DAC to do the final MQA rendering.

Direct quote from 5-11-18 email from Roonlabs:

We’ve covered some additional new ground with MQA: Roon will not only be able to perform DSP on “unfolded” MQA content, but it will do so without destroying the MQA signalling information. This means that it’s now possible to use features like EQ, Room Correction, and Volume Leveling while still taking advantage of the rendering capabilities of your MQA DAC.”

Very happy with Roon’s progress. While I am not a fan of MQA I am pleased that Roon kept their word and delivered the functionality they promised in 1.5. While I have been with Roon since the beginning I took a wait and see approach before thinking about Lifetime subscription. I’ve now pulled the trigger.


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I have noticed since the upgrade to Roon 1.5 that it is taking a bit longer for new music files to be loaded to Roon or amendments of current files to be reflected in Roon. This may, of course, have nothing to do with the upgrade but due to such things as the number of tracks I have has reached some critical point (around 95,000 classical music tracks and 3,400 albums). Updating used to be almost instantaneous. This is not a major issue but the almost instantaneous updating was a very nice feature which meant that I could upload albums and/or correct metadata on the fly, before doing a backup copy.

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I updated to 1.5 Build 323 a couple of days ago and Roon kept crashing about 5 to 10 minutes after it is started. Finally I figured out why. I have an AirPlay device that is no longer active. Log file showed that Roon kept pinging that device, eventually the thread that was responsible for this crashed, which crashed the entire Roon process. After I disabled this AirPlay device, everything was fine.

Just FYI.


Hello @Yveine_Yu,

Thanks for you report. We’ve tried to reproduce this in-house with straight forward setup: Roon + AppleTV, and we didn’t notice the reported behavior. Can you give us more details about your setup:

  • What AirPlay device were you using ?
  • Was this device grouped with other zones when Roon has crashed ?
  • When exactly this crash has happened ?


It was an Airport Express, which was linked to two Phantoms which were absent.

There were three zones, all separate. One zone is Airplay to Expert Pro 1000. One is Airplay to Airport Express. One is direct network access to Expert Pro 1000. I removed both Airplay and Roon became stable ever since.

The crash happened about 5 to 10 minutes after Roon started. After Roon starts, it’ll scan all music files. I have about 24K of them. It crashed a little bit after it finished scanning all files.

I re-enabled both AirPlay zones, restarted Roon, but it didn’t crash like before any more. So I don’t have a reliable way to repeat it. I just reported what I saw and how I fixed.

I do have all the crash log files. If you have an email address, I can send all of them to you.