Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

Looks like it, along with the ability to keep master authentication intact :slight_smile:

Can’t try it now, or it’ll wake up the mrs, who would then throw me (or the hifi out)!

Just got home and fired it up, it sure does.

You can also now very easily identify MQA Tidal albums. Very nice!!


You guys rock!


Bit of a MQA newbie …

I see the full works with my Dragonfly which had. Firmware update to support MQA

On my other DAC which is not MQA will Roon take MQA to 24 96 ? Looks like it

Or just 16 44


Great work! Was looking forward to the MQA first unfold and a better way to organise versions.

Both handled in a manner better then we could of expected.

Tres bien!

Really like the new ”Versions” tab! (Not yet translated… :wink: )
I still dont see the point of displaying irrelevant path information for the local versions however:

Info on which Share-folder and then its path from there would be more useful as there is not enough space here either. (like in the old ”Other versions” dialogue)

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Just checking before I spend too much time fiddling, does post MQA upsamling only work with Roon DSP and not HQP?


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Hey John

You can still have Roon do the 1st unfold before ‘signal leaves Roon’ to HQP. And HQP can do whatever you want with the 1st unfold.

You just won’t get the MQA signal ‘carrying through’ HQP to your MQA DAC (if that’s applicable).

Proceed with fiddling :grin:

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It preserves the rendering instructions so that the DAC can complete the rendering stage. That is not MQA authentication. The Authentication is ended when DSP has been applied because you are not getting “what was heard in the studio”.

Fiddle it is than as currently I have no sound and the Holo is showing PCM rather than DSD.


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You could also use Decoder only. “Decoder & Renderer” and “Renderer” options prevent DSP upsampling.

You want that turned off.

Hey Daniel, as I mentioned though: “With any of the other 3 MQA compatibility options, Roon would only do the 1st unfold to 96kHz and output 96kHz to the S2 DAC, even with Roon DSP with DSD512 up-sampling enabled the entire time.”

So that includes ‘Decoder only’.

The only way I could get Roon 1st unfold + Roon DSD up-sampling to work was by selecting 'No MQA support’

Hence asking if that’s normal or not how it’s supposed to be :disappointed_relieved:

Ah, the old ‘no sound’ trick.

Have you selected both ‘No MQA support’ and further below that ‘Enable MQA Core Decoder’?

How come I get analog out? Trying to put my Mac to play sound from the E2 but it won’t when I play from Roon. When I play from iTunes everything is ok. Is there anything in the settings that I f…cked up? Is there a way to reset the zone

Yes, that would make sense. Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, if you are doing any kind of DSP Upsampling, then Roon will have to do everything basically and you should set your DAC to “No MQA Support”.

I thought Roon could carry the MQA signal through with Roon DSP through to the MQA DAC… That’s not possible if you select ‘No MQA Support’.

Let’s see what Brian says.

But then there are only 3 white lights on the E2. Is Roon decoding 192? What is the E2 doing then?

Sure it does. I just looked at an album in my library in Redbook, 24/96, and MQA “192” versions. Roon lets me pick any one of them as the primary. I’ve got the 24/96 version showing as the primary.