Roon 1.5 Linn integration: remote control skip support?

The Linn integration works like a charm and as far as I can tell (after playing around with it for an hour or so) there are no issues. I am using a Linn Akurate DS (2010 variant) and did a software upgrade to 4.63.223 (which is a beta-release right now).

I have one question though. Is there a way to control the Linn device with my remote control to skip tracks, press play and pause ? I can do this when using the UPnP server but I was not able to do it with Roon.

I think play/pause should be working. Skipping tracks is waiting for some more support on the Linn side. Because Roon owns the play queue, it has to work much differently under the hood than it does with UPnP.

@brian Thanks for the quick response and explanation

I can confirm that Play/Pause do exactly what they should. Stop is also working, but If you start playback again after pressing Stop the next track in the queue starts. Skipping is not working as @brian was mentioning already.

I’m afraid they aren’t working here. Akurate Exakt DSM and Linn REM20:

Pause/Play works after a fashion but if you leave it on pause for too long, the controls stop working so have to use roon app again.
Long press of the pause (which is how stop is implemented) actually skips to the next track.

Can you clarify whether this means that, if you have tracks in the queue (ie. not radio or shuffle), you’d still have to have a roon control app running somewhere to use the IR to control playback?

Depends what you mean by “control playback”. Play/pause work on the IR remote, but next/previous don’t. There is no meaningful distinction between queue/radio/shuffle here.

Sorry brian, what I meant was that I presume there needs to be an instance of the roon control app running to continue playback. In other words, only using the IR to control playback without the app won’t work.
I have tested it and it appears to be the case. In fact it caused my DS to lock up.

Are there any news/updates related to this topic? I’d like to control roon player via Linn’s Remote Control REM 020 and Sekrit DSM, running sw 4.63.223

I am on s/w version 4.64.238 with my Akurate DSM right know. Seems that the “skip track” / “prev track” buttons on the Linn Remote are still not working. @support Is there any progress?



I`m interested on this topic. Is there a solution for the future planned?

I was in contact with Linn. They replied that Roon is respnsible for the handset operation.

At the moment I helped myself by using the Extension “Deep Harmony V2”. But of course it would be easier to Control the Playback directly with the Linn remote.


I received the same reply from Linn on the request to support the previous/next button:
“The engineer advises that Roon would be best placed to assist you on this occasion with your suggestions (Roon server only supplies the DSM with audio – all other aspects are handled by Roon).”

@support Is it possible to facilitate this?

I would also like that Roon continuous playing where I left off the next time I switch back to Roon as music resource on my Majik DSM.

Hello @Rik_Dekker,

Thanks for the feedback here. At the moment we don’t have plans to add the previous/next functionality but I would recommend posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community. Any other questions you have, just let us know!