Roon 1.6 - "Audio Device refuses to switch input to Roon"

Roon is being unable to play any music for me although Roon starts up just fine as normal for the last 1 1/2 years. When I queue up music, I get an error message pop-up in Roon which says “Audio Device refused to switch input to Roon”.

I use a MacMini as Roon Core, DCS Network bridge as Roon EndPoint and my MacBook Air as Roon control. RoonCore and DCS Network Bridge are connected by cable to my DAC. My Roon Control runs on wifi but also on my home network. As stated above, Roon starts up just fine on Roon Core (MacMini), I can see the Roon screen as usual on Roon Control (Mac Air), and the DCS Network Bridge shows up just as usual. However, when I select music it gives me the error message.

Earlier, the other seemingly related issue that I was having was that when in Roon Control (Macbook Air which is on wifi) I moved from one internet page to another in Chrome (my browser) the music would also stop playing through my DAC and stereo.

Thanks in advance for the help.

It is telling you what is wrong! Check the “audio device’s” settings and restart it. That would be the DCS Bridge.

Henry: Thank you!

No problem!

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