Roon 1.6 (Build 401) crashes

Firstly thank you for fixing the internet radio problem on the prior version of 1.6.

However the new release is giving me two new problems:

  1. I can no longer connect to the Core via my iPad. The Roon iPad application just crashes. I’m using iOS 12.1.4.
  2. I also have second Mac mini (mid 2011 version, running macOS High Sierra version 10.13.8 which is the latest OS for this model) on which Roon now crashes on start-up.

How do resolve these problems?


I would re Boot your iPad and core as a start and see if it helps.

Thanks. I have tried rebooting (and re-rebooting) to no avail.

Hi @NiHo,

If you reinstall the iPad app does the same behavior occur?

On the Mac Mini remote, I was hoping you could use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

Ipad app now works after having been reinstalled.

Concerning Mac mini remote, I have no idea how to create a shared dropbox link with you. What email do I send it to?


Hi @NiHo,

Can you try updating the Mac Mini remote?

I have now uninstalled and then reinstalled Roon on the Mac Mini remote. This has resolved the issue. Please note that previously I could not update the software as it was crashing on start-up.

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