Roon 1.6 (Build 438) on IPhone 8 crashes!

my iPhone 8 - newly updated to iOS 13.1.2 - is always crashing when using Roon. The Roon app is only appearing approximately 3 to 5 seconds before closing down. Why ? Please help.

Otherwise very happy with Roon ! Keep up the good work.

Addition to describe my setup: ROON Core is running on my MacMini and is ROON 1.6 (build 416). By the way - how do you update the build 416 on my core or is it the latest ?

Did you restart your iPhone? Otherwise reinstall the roon app.

416 is the latest version.

Restart did not help. I am going to reinstall the App and let you know if it worked.

Seem to work. I will continue to test. Thanks for the help !

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