Roon 1.6 changing edited covers - Frustrating

I am spending a lot of time grooming my library, since updating to 1.6 I saw that Roon changed album covers by itself, on stuff that I had edited. I had edited the covers with my own selection, better covers than the one provided by Roon and often also different versions because they were different releases etc.
Now on quite ea few Roon just changed the pictures and always for the worse, bigger is not always better. Help!
I do not want to edit the covers over and over again. This is really bad!


The more I look through my collection the more I get annoyed. Some really awful album art has been exchanged. It is ok when album art that was taken from Roon is updated with a higher quality version, but the stuff that was hand edited, simply have to stay that way.

Mercury Living Presence Covers for example, I had the original covers as they were on the Cd, now many have really bad generic covers that are not even from the original companies, they often look like there were quickly put together to sell it to a streaming company. This often happens with older recordings.

Interesting. I’ve got 100% hand tweaked artwork (either by preferring artwork attached to the files, or via adding artwork via roon’s UI). I’m not seeing anything changed via the 1.6 update.

What method did you use to modify the roon-suggested artwork, and do you have your Import settings set to prefer file artwork? Maybe this info will help the roon support folks identify what is going on.

Best of luck


I manually change the covers that are not good, or that I do not like via editor, choosing the cover from the file.
So it is a decision that varies from album to album.
The top shows the original cover and the bottom what I suddenly got


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What are your import settings? Specifically, what have you chosen in Settings > Library > Import settings for cover art?

Also, how were you editing these covers?

My general import settings are set to Best for cover art, but when identifying I choose which art I want in the Roon Editor. There I choose my file cover or even import a different cover. Sometimes I use LP covers and today suddenly I have a different cover. I had edited manually. All was ok, now I even have completely wrong covers of the wrong recording. Happily it has not happened to all my edited covers, but this is really scary. Grooming is a lot of work.
Since I have only classical I have to do a lot of identifying myself, if now stuff also changes that would be dreadfull. All was ok till 1.6

So these are albums you added covers for previously – what was the cover setting they used when you edited the albums, before you noticed this change? Best?

What is the cover art setting for these albums now?

The changes in 1.6 mean that a given album’s automatically retrieved cover art can improve, but that will never affect artwork extracted from your files, or added via editing.

But that is exactly what happened. In 1.6 manually edited covers were replaced with automatically retrieved cover art.
This is an example, I had the LP cover in my files and had chosen that through the edit function in Roon. All was fine and it stayed that way in 1.5 - but now Roon decided to give me the automatically retrieved cover (in this example I have reverted back to my original)

This is what I usually do:
Find unidentified album, click on identify, choose the right tags, afterwards often decide that I prefer the file cover and choose that in the Roon editor. Up to now, it stayed that way, but something changed with 1.6, it has definitely changed edited covers. Thankfully not all.
Please look into it.

I know 100% that I chose the original LP cover on the screenshot.

I’ve had the same issues with covers over and over again
I used to be a stickler for exact covers and spent many many many many hours on them.
I have since given up with it…
The biggest let down/disappointment with Roon

We take these reports seriously and will definitely take a look, but my guess is that we do not have a bug here. This may just be a side effect of how our editing model works.

One possibility is that the cover art you added was higher resolution than what Roon initially downloaded when you imported these albums. When you added that art, if you had selected “best” (:star:) instead of the artwork from your files, the artwork you added would have been shown in Roon up until 1.6 – it was the highest quality art available at that time.

In 1.6, as I mentioned, artwork is now included in metadata updates. So when you updated, Roon downloaded cover art for your albums that has improved since you initially imported the albums. And my guess is that Roon continued to follow your editing settings for this album: “pick the best cover art”.

As you can see in your screenshots, the cover art that Roon retrieved after you updated to 1.6 is higher resolution than what you added. It may be a lamer cover (hard for the computer to detect that :wink: ) but it is higher resolution, so if you added art but continued to use “best” for these albums, this may be working as designed.

So that’s one possible explanation that doesn’t involve Roon discarding edits. All of that said, we’ll double check that there’s no bugs here, and please let me know if the explanation above sounds like it might explain what you’re seeing here.

Thanks for getting back to me, but what you describe, would actually be a bug. If I actively choose to say no, I do not want the coverart that Roon has to offer and state it in the software, I want the cover from my file - then it hast to stay like tis for ever and ever and ever - otherwise what is the point of editing?!?
Roon updating covers where I stated, yes I like what Roon has to offer please always take me to the next level of higher resolutions, is perfectly ok. But this must be switched off when a user actively said no.
Sort of like in #metoo no means no :wink:

Choosing covers is a big thing for collectors, a lot of work goes into it. Collectors also want their collections to look good. I had to rechange about 70 covers now! The thought that my covers could continue to change is horrifying.
Also what Roon did was, change labels - say it was Warner and suddenly it is Cantus with different cover (actuallly totally different singers on the cover) so this is a big change.

Again this is something that will probably not be an issue quickly seen in popular music, since covers stay the same and usually stay at the same label. So a low quality picture of a cover will just be taken to a better version and not as in classical where recordings can be from the 50s and suddnly you have completely different (horrible) covers.

Please look into this - EDIT must mean - I have decided to not take the Roon info - do not update.

Just imagine you put in hours and hours getting everything just right and next time you open the programme you have covers you have never seen in your life and wished you hadn`t…

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If I hit the star button it never saves in any version of roon…always have to hit the roon version to save…


I don’t understand why the software would ever change the cover image. It would be fine to use a higher res version of the same image. But, as you see from the comments, higher resolution of some unknown cover image will not be perceived as an improvement by many of us.


First off, we take this stuff very, very seriously, and that’s a primary reason we built this “layered” editing system in the first place – to ensure user edits are always safe.

Automatic metadata updating always happens separate from edits you’ve made in Roon, and the same goes for album covers and artist photos: Roon will only download new art for the "Roon cover’-- never the images you’ve added on your own.

Preserving edits in a safe and durable way is a huge priority for us, and not something we’ve seen any issues with – there are no changes in 1.6 related to this area.

Getting back to this report, the screenshot above shows that the edit wasn’t lost, and that the correct art is currently being displayed. Maybe that’s after you fixed the recent issue?

Can you explain exactly how you’re doing the edits @Squeezemenicely? If there is some kind of bug here, that will help us track it down.

If you make an edit, it shouldn’t – the system is designed to ensure that if you make an edit and add an image, that will never be overwritten.

However, cover art can change if an album’s cover art setting is “best” – in that case, when higher quality cover art becomes available Roon will do what you told it to do – pick the best quality art available.

Yes the picture was taken after I corrected the problem again - I have corrected all instances where this happened. As for how I edited the album cover, I had stated that before - simply went to EDIT ALBUM and selected the lowest option - my File album. All was cool till 1.6 came along.
Roon still selected what it thought might be best and ignored my editing (which I made in december) so I got a different cover, than the one I had manually selected (obviously my old cover was still in the file tag, so I could manually select it again) Sometimes the cover that Roon chose for me was completely wrong - wrong Label, wrong artists. Just really bad.

Also suddenly another magic trick happened since I have 1.6 I made a video, because you might not believe me - so seeing is believing. I select a recording and Roon changes the cover while I am opening the file, so the album cover I chose is not shown anymore - but watch yourself:

Roon Magic

I have the same issue. I saw some album arts changing all by magic.

Roon is continuing to change my covers, it simply forgets the edited setting, that was put on FILE and switched back to BEST - thereby selecting what it thinks myght be best.
But I have definitely selected file and the album cover from my tag - 10000 % no doubt about it. There are even screenshots of my collection that I had posted here weeks ago, with my covers (self selected taken from LP covers and in my tags) now they have what Roon decided to assign to me

I had selected FILE manually! This really is a bug. ROON forgets the edited setting.

My cover is from my CDs with the release label being MYTO RECORDS, the one that Roon now selected is from CANTUS. Even a different label!

Yes, you’ve edited your file image, but have you told Roon to keep it in the Metadata Preference setting? You need to explicitly save the preference setting for the artwork as File. Otherwise, the next time Roon updates its metadata for the album, there’s a chance that your edit will be overwritten.