Roon 1.6 crashes

Dear Sir

Few days back I did update my Roon software to 1.6 and it was working very good on my MacBook Pro I have Mac OS Mojave v 10.14.2
my core is Nucleus.
today I was trying to open the App Roon on my MacBook Pro with no luck
every time I click on the App icon it crashes.
so I did delete the software Roon from my MacBook and I did download it from your site. still the same problem it crashes
I did restart my MacBook still Roon crashes
please help me to fix this problem ASAP @support

Hey @Haytham_Al-Bader – can you give us a little more information about what happens here:

Are you seeing an error? Does the app open and crash? Or does the icon in Mojave just bounce up and down and sort die silently?

If it’s the latter, this may be due to macOS permissions issues – you can read about a fix here.

Let us know how it goes, and we’ll make sure we get this resolved for you. Thanks!

yes the app open and crash and some time the icon just bounce up and down and sort die silently
this is weird becouse the Roon 1.6 was working very good for past 48 hours but now it is not please help @support

Hello @Haytham_Al-Bader,

Can you please try these instructions to see if that helps with this issue?


hi Noris I did try your instructions Roon app did open on my MacBook after that I clicked on Linn jazz radio and after that Roon crash again with no luck plus I did try to log in to Tidal and Qobuz I get the same problem like be four
on JAN 9 2019
please see below :
I have problem sign in to TIDAL .
I use Nucleus as my core and I control my Nucleus with my MacBook Pro
when i try sign in to TIDAL I get this message : ( Network error check your connection ) I know my internet connection is ok and good because I can play Linn Jazz radio from Nucleus and it is working very good so IAM sure there is no problem with my internet connection.
I also tray to sign in to TIDAL using Nucleus and controlling my Nucleus with my new iPad Pro 11inch still with no luck I get the same message : ( network error check your connection ) please help me to fix this problem ASAP. @Support
Thank you

Hello @Haytham_Al-Bader

We’re aware of some radio stations causing Roon to crash and have a ticket submitted to the developers regarding this behavior, Linn Jazz radio is one of those stations.

Other than playback to the Linn Jazz radio station, does everything work as expected?