Roon 1.6 DSP Upsampling to DSD


Is it me or did they remove the option to upsample to DSD in the new 1.6? I just have the option to upsample to go PCM 768 and I used to be able to pick true DSD512.


Is your device DSD capable? If yes, the DSD upsampling option should be there.

It is still there, I use a DSD capable Holo Spring L3 dac.

Yea that part is still there and looks fine. It’s when I go to the DSP settings and I used to be able to choose DSD and then the rate of DSD. I’m not seeing that…unless I’m blind or wrong…:grin:

And yes my Oppo 205 is capable of DSD512

It is in sample rate conversion, has the Oppo recently been updated and introduced any lack of DSD support?

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Nope, only change is in 1.6. Oppo is fully updated and was fine before.

Can you post the screen I have?

On the Sample Rate Conversion drop down list I used to have a DSD option and was able to choose which rate. That is GONE! However I do use HQplayer as well but I still like testing and comparing with the DSD settings in Roon.

Ok so I found the issue! I had changed the volume setting from “Fixed” to 'DSP" so that I could adjust it down when using the Oppo as pre amp. It’s now back and working fine. I did not realize that would turn off the DSD up-sampling…learned my one thing for today, so back to listening it is…:grinning:

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Did we loose the ability to upsample to DSD in the DSP section?

Edit: changed the graphic to be more illustrative.

That’s up-sampling to PCM. I was able to upsample to true DSD and pick a rate such as 512.

@Benjamin_Gold Didn’t you already ask this here?

Didn’t do a good job with the first screen grab. The new one should be more instructive.

Yes and now I’m providing feedback that it is missing.

Ok yea, I lost the DSD option in the drop down. I had it before the 1.6 update.

I have an Oppo 205 with all updates and it was there in the previous version.

I still have it as an option.

Check your settings in Device Setup > Show Advanced.

I don’t use it but it looks like its available.