Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Overall I really look forward to new Roon releases and this is no exception. I had discovered new music within ten minutes of starting the new Roon Radio. I have one problem, and I assume that it is a problem in my setup or my lack of intelligence. When the radio is playing I want to be able to ‘favourite’ the current track. To do that historically I would have to add the album then the open heart would appear and I would select it and it would go blue. I understand that that option has changed, but I click on the three dots and add the album but it does not seem to add it. If I go to the album page it has not been added, I try and add the album three different times in different places. Often, if I go to the list of albums later it has in fact been added and if I can remember the track I can add it to my favourites.

I also got nostalgic to see the very old and enduring favourite bug is still with us. So after this whole adding to library dance, the heart would not stay selected. I love the new radio so if someone could point out my muppetry here it would be so useful and I would be so grateful.

Yes, I have always experienced this, since I signed up nearly a year ago. Favoriting tracks has always been buggy.

I know that Roon has tried hard to replicate this bug. It actually does make it a favourite, just not fill in the heart. So typically I select the heart, I see that nothing happened so I assume I missed it and try again. Then I realise it is the old bug so click it one more time and even though it is still not blue, it has been favourited.

+1 on the “heart bug” :smirk:
I’ve outlined some ideas to get around the “Favorite from Radio” issue in my post from earlier today. Maybe you have some more thoughts on this. Right now it’s tedious to add an album from radio and love the track radio played.

Yes, I reported a bug: it does get added, but Roon gets confused and still thinks the playing one is not added, the added and like-able one is not playing.

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So is everyone really using six keystrokes to add a favourite from a album not in the library.

  1. Select album playing
  2. Select add album to library
  3. Press button at top left to bring up menu
  4. Select albums
  5. Choose first album
  6. Press heart on track to favourite

Surely this is not he case.

It’s a bug!
Relax and wait for a fix.

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Thanks, I assumed it was user error.

Here is the write up:

It’s a reeeeeaaaaaalllly old one. :wink:











apart from some changes in artists pictures, it seems to me that the only change is small pictures maximized on the screen… with horrible pixelation
i don’t know exactly what you mean (roon’s @staff) when you say that the artists picture problem is going to be solved.

i appreciate your proposal (no users’ customization, everything is served by roon, your words)
-70% of artists have no picture in my library
-10% are ok
-20% are like in these examples… simply awful

that’s why i have populated my library with pictures (only primary artists, not performers). it took a while.
my point is that there’s only 1 sensible thing you can do: allow users to select a focus point for their own pictures.
the final result with roon’s artwork in 80% of situations is simply… impossible.

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For me it is two clicks.

  1. I select an album to play in Tidal
  2. If I like it I I click on “Add To Library”

That is the case with albums you choose to play, it is different when Roon Radio has selected the track.

some “now playing” problems. just an example:

for this album, the album artist is supposed to be jordi savall. but in the now playing screen:

the artist picture is montserrrat f. who is just one of the artists.
and the same in the artist bio section:

this is a systematic behavior, the picture and the bio are always for the first primary artist, not the album artist.
i definitively consider this a bug.
i think it would be… ok if it would be shown a picture of all the primary artists of the track. i d’ont know about the bio, though.

besides going to the credits section:

the screen (this is a PC monitor) is almost empty. nonsense. and with a long list of performers… you have to scroll.
besides: you cannot show credits by artist name (like in the album credits section).


I agree, same complaint.


Nice changes. Really like how we can finally benefit from the artist photos in Now Playing.

  • The ability to view artist photo, bio, credits, album review easily from Now Playing is great
  • many of the Roon-supplied artist pix are not configured to fill the screen. I’d think you would want to fix this.
  • like the way search results are presented, but find the search itself can be frustratingly slow
  • can Qobuz and Tidal be both integrated into Roon concurrently, creating one giant integrated library?
  • please enable Tracks to benefit from Play From Here function.
  • PLEASE allow Playlist Folders to be created

Thanks for great work! Just upped my subscription to Lifetime!

I LOVE the artist photo on Now Playing! But I also “curate” my library and will soon have added maybe 1000 artist photos where Roon doesn’t provide or Roon pix are poor. Most people don’t want to go thru the hassle of creating their own artist photos. So, why not let users who do share the Artist photos they have added with Roon for the benefit of all users?

I will soon have added 1000+ artist photos to fill Roon holes, or replace what I consider poor quality Roon artist art. I’m sure others have also added artist art. I would be happy to opt-in to Artist Artwork Sharing for the benefit of the Roon Community.


Problem here could be how to implement this without dragging Roonlabs into copyright problems which could arise from this.

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Here’s a perfect shot of how awesome the new “now playing” design is. As we wait for the update. At least they got the drummer in the pic. Let it rot!