Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

That solution would work well for photos on the Now Playing page. Roon could develop it and thoroughly test it.

However, It would likely not work on the “regular” page. If those photos are placed behind the text, we will still have that problem. See Stan Getz, Wayne Shorter, and other examples above. Photos behind text just detracts from both the photos and the text and the result is often ugly and looks like mush. In the case of the “regular” page, Roon should return to photos in boxes as in version 1.5. It would be nice if have those photos are a bit larger, and a modest redesign could accomplish that without detracting from other design elements.

I agree: There shouldn’t be photos behind text (biographies, album reviews, credits) at all. To me, doing so is form over function. Just makes reading more difficult.

@brian I know this is a contentious issue and some voices are very loud in their condemnation and as long tern users you must of course listen to your existing customer base, but as a brand new user I really like the Now Playing screen exactly as it is.

It’s modern and attractive, I don’t need identifiable pictures of artists, just an attractive, sensibly cropped, non-pixelated backdrop to the album art and playing information. I’m happy with a blown-up mid face shot, a bit of a trumpet and an arm, a pair of hands on a piano, a music score and a violin up against a chin - that’s artistic and attractive and I like it. Its only a backdrop, I’m not using the damn image so I can identify the artist in the street should I ever come across them! For the artist screen maybe there should be some other solution, but for the Now Playing screen I say it is a handsome thing and needs but a little picture choosing intelligence behind it.

Just saying. The loud voice is not always the consensus, although it will should loudly that it is. Now I’m off to leave you to making Roon better and I won’t be answering every post in here with my strongly held opinion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have one.


Nope, strongly disagree, cover art is fine the size and where it is - what is all this raving on about cover art in here! I don’t want to sit staring at the blasted cover art full screen thanks! A nice backdrop in some way related to what’s playing will be fine thanks, artist pics if there are any, or anything artistic and fitting the space - I think the now playing screen is a great step forward from clunky 90’s iTunes type design philosophy.


So do I! All this going on about large size cover art is getting to me now, its old fashioned and boring - this is a great design idea and I love it! :heart_eyes:


This approach could satisfy both sides of the argument :wink:

You could turn on or off any of the elements and choose which one would be the default view.


Yes that is the entire point. Cover art would be one option. If you like the photos, you can click on those.

As for the current presentation of photos, the examples posted in this thread speak for themselves. A photo – or how a photo is presented — is indeed worth a thousand words.

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Certainly that was true for me. But not in the way you’re implying. :wink:

I don’t think 1.6 is an improvement overall on the UI front (although it certainly has design aspects I like in isolation). Then there are specific areas I think are worse. I do think it will improve over time but don’t think that’s the best plan - I would have much preferred a polished, finished UI update all in one go.

What we have in 1.6 (in my opinion) is something much less ‘together’ than previous versions, and Roons aim of providing ‘the best user experience’ has really got a bit lost here (in the UI sense) I think.

But I have high expectations.

In general, all this back and forth is really brainstorming and productive. 1.6 stimulated lots of reactions and ideas. I am confident in the Roon team that they are paying attention and hopefully appreciate all the input. Probably got some ideas from these threads and will implement some of them while certainly not others. It remains to be seen, in the next release, what they take from all of this. I am also confident that 1.6.1 or 1.7 will turn out better than if they modified it without all this input.

@brian , with thanks :hugs:

I appreciate the examples. They are important because issues like this are easy to mis-communicate. Especially considering that I am not the whole team and will need to communicate with half a dozen other people to get this fixed. Without clear case studies end to end, we may fix the wrong thing. I’ve been here before…

There is another reason why examples are important (any why many of your criticisms are so off the mark)–you are experiencing a bug, and it is totally changing your experience.

These are your case studies on my system, running build 390 also–

Something is wrong here–your app is not running the right logic to decide which image view is appropriate. Until we get that fixed, your feedback isn’t really actionable because you’re not really evaluating the thing that we built/tested for 1.6.

I’ve got the QA team looking into it…

To follow up and be more specific. What we are discussing is how the “regular” pages are appearing, and not the Now Playing page. We both agree on that point.

My experience was that when I first clicked on some artists last night, I would get the result you posted above. That is the version from 1.5.

But when I clicked on the same artist two or three more times, the photos and cache were reloaded and refreshed, with the results that I posted. Version 1.6.

That is why I was able – only last night – to copy and paste the original version 1.5 photos, then followed by the version 1.6 version with your severe cropping.

In the vast majority of cases, once I reclicked on an artist, the version 1.5 is gone and I’m stuck with the cropped and enlarged photos of version 1.6 in the “regular” window.

Finally, you have reposted some examples of photos that were originally posted by tripleCrotchet orTony. Those photos did not come from me. (I copied his posts)

Tony was getting the same results that I was.

Many others have posted similar results.

So who has the bug – you or your users? Others have already agreed with my conclusions. I assume they have the same results and the same bug?

Brian, which version is correct? Are you telling all of us that photos should appear as you have posted, which is as in version 1.5 for the “regular” screen? If so, that is wonderful news.

Brian, have you tried to click on those same artists 2 or 3 times, on different links and albums, and from different pages, and see what happens? My experience is that version 1.5 then disappears and we are stuck permanently with the results I posted – version 1.6

So if this is all the fault of a bug, it is pretty widespread problem.

But I guess the good news is that you are telling all of us that the correct visual display on the “regular” pages is that of version 1.5, as you posted.

Correct? That is great news.

Now Playing screen - just to add something as I’ve just been watching the ‘display’ feature on my MacBook and I think its absolutely lovely, if there’s a pic it uses it, if not it displays blurred cover art and to scrolls artists - really attractive IMO. To throw this all out just because some pics don’t fit would be a terrible waste!

When there is no pic…

Artist 1…

Artist 2…


As a new user I’m largely in agreement with Tim. The now playing interface, on the rare occasion I actually look at it, is fine, nice even. I’ve rarely noticed the issues referenced in this post - and had I not read it probably would have thought nothing of it.

I am, for example, perfectly happy with this. Scales to my macBook or 24" external monitor beautifully.

This is poor though. As has been said, there’s a lot of wasted space there.

@brian - that image file for Adrian Boult is only 75 x 104 pixels. B390 expands that into a fuzzy mess for the Now Playing screen:

Or are you saying that Roon should not do this for certain images - and that’s the bug?

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Indeed. The search results look more like a mock-up than a polished end result of a thorough design process. The ideas are there, but is that really it?

Please see my last post.

Based on what Brian posted, what many of are seeing is incorrect. We are seeing the severely cropped and enlarged photos pasted over the top of the “regular” page, with the type over the top of the photos. It isn’t just me.

Brian posted numerous screen shots that are a direct return to the version 1.5 “regular” page.

So the immediate question is why so many users appear to be seeing one thing, and Brian another?

That said, I strongly prefer the mystery version of Roon that Brian is posting from.

No - Brian posted shots of the Artist detail pages in 1.6 (and they are what I see as well), not the Now Playing pages… It’s the latter where the artist images are being manipulated beyond the limits of acceptability.

Please, for heaven’s sake, read the prior posts. Look at the examples. They are from what I called the “regular” pages, and what apparently are called the “Artist Detail” pages, to distinguish from the “Now Playing” pages.

You are flatly wrong to say that the concerns that have been posted are only about the Now Playing pages.

Brian, at least, understands that. He posted views of the Artist Detail pages. They look like version 1.5. What Tony and I posted – and many others – look dramatically different with regards to the Artist Detail pages.

That is the bug that Brian is referring to. So I described my own behavior, as a user, so Brian can replicate it. And noted that many others are seeing the same results.

And I hope that the correct version of Roon – the way that Roon wants it to appear in the Artist Detail pages – is what Brian posted.

That is why, in my prior post (which I doubt you read) I said that Roon needs to look at all three types of views – the regular or Artist Detail view; the Now Playing view, and the Search results view.

So to cut to the chase, here are questions and observations for Brian:

(1) In the Artist Detail view – are we all supposed to seeing what you posted? Specifically, SQUARE PHOTOS IN A BOX – above the text and NOT behind the text – as in version 1.5?

If so, that is fabulous and all of our concerns with regards to the Artist Detail page have been resolved.

(2) Many have had different results in the Artist Detail view though. Tony posted the same. Has Brian attempted what I described above, to replicate my own actions, and what are his results?

Brian at least needs to know that this is a widespread bug.

(3) Then that leaves the Now Playing View as the only outstanding issue.

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Artist detail page!!! No ifs, ands or buts!

Ah - OK - I see your examples of the expanded images on the Artist detail pages now. Like Brian, I’m only seeing the expected image on these pages, and I only see expanded images on the Now Playing pages; and I am running 1.6 on both Core and Remotes…