Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

@brian@Joel Any updates on fixes for Android phones with integrated DAC’s regarding playback…e.g. LG V30


Happy to have Qobuz in Roon. Cool. Using a iPad Pro 11 I am not able to get it to work on portrait mode. Any suggestions for what I need to do to get this to work?

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About Soundiiz, don’t be worry, both TIDAL and Qobuz are in partnership with Soundiiz. You will be able to transfer all your music datas (including playlists, favorites albums artists and tracks) easily !

See more information here and


Is it possible to set “Only show my library” to Yes by default in settings?

When searching, I should not have to toggle this to Yes every single time.

thank you.

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Hey @Magnus. We asked our partners at Qobuz to calculate volume normalization numbers for every track in their catalog, because this data did not exist and we felt that it was a important part of the Roon user experience. This is currently a work-in-progress because the catalog consists of tens of millions of tracks, but volume normalization data are being added for more tracks every day. I can’t say when the data will be complete, but this is probably why it’s not working for you at the moment.


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No. But if you do several consecutive searches in a row setting you’ve picked is preserved

Slow loading covers in Qobuz and Tidal. I have increased (Core and IPad) memory but no result.

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if I add a 24/44 album from Qobuz, it does not automatically become primary over a 16/44 version of the same album.

BTW - great job on the release, so much new-roon-goodnes :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Still, this is a poor choice. Search including Tidal’s library yields quite a lot of junk…many, many instances, say, of an artist’s name where Tidal has failed to merge them properly as one person. Or the preservation of spelling errors…

I really do not want Roon to be polluted with Tidal results by default. If I want to go outside my own library, then I should be able to toggle that.

At a minimum make the choice available in settings, please.


Awesome work team, having read through the changelog I’m excited to go through this release and test out all the new updates!

Unfortunately my Nucleus+ had a hiccup with my old database and its backups, which has put me through a multi-day re-install and re-build of the database, so I’m not going to update until that finishes by tomorrow hopefully.

Looking forward to try this out!

Anyone else having trouble updating RoonServer running on Windows Server 2016? I was able to update RoonRemote running Windows 7 on my laptop but Server is stuck at downloading. I’ve tried restarting several time but no luck

Thanks Guys, I’m so glad this came just after I began beta testing of Qobuz!

I’ll be downloading the update in a few hours. :sunglasses:

Perhaps Brian remembers that he once replied that changing embedded metadata of an audio file should ask roon for a complete audio-reanalyze since that takes days on larger collections. Well from experience I doubt that brain implemented self-healing code, since it looks as if he didn’t spent a second about getting this annoying one fixed.

unable to handle volume for an allo piano 2.1 dac

And besides the bugs there’s also dozends of items mentioned in here poeple might like to see getting addressed or implemented.
split artists, lost (hidden) albums, poor artwork, pretty incomplete in terms of reviews and bio for artists and albums, no release handling for albums, 50% without lyrics while not making use of embedded ones, … the list could be easily extended.

Summary: bugs kept, Quboz added, and a waste of time for cosmetical GUI modifications which look make roon look worse but before. Congratulation for this.

Yes, I’m immediately missing the “Now Playing” screen showing the album art and next song in the upper right hand corner. Is there any way to configure this? I don’t care to use the display browser in Firefox. Thanks!


How long does it take to get invited to the Qobuz beta? I’d love to see what they got, now that it works with Roon.

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Roon team…u need to change up/broaden your beta test group…things are getting a bit tired and I think a fresh look would be helpful.

Maybe 2 separate groups…the “original” ones and a whole new group, say users from 1.5 on…to compare and contrast

It would be great to have Qobuz integration if it didn’t add all the albums I’ve purchased from Qobuz (and which are already in my local library) so that I have a mass of apparent duplicates in ‘Albums’, ‘Discover’, ‘Recent’ and in search results. The only solution I can see is to sign out of Qobuz. Does anyone have a better fix?

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Great release! The integration of Qobuz is a solid business move as it both hedges against future business issues at Tidal and satisfies the streamer community where everyone has their favorite source. (Waiting to try Qobuz in the U.S., I’m on the beta waiting list for a while now.) Also, my initial interactions with the new UI are all positive and I’m looking forward to improved searches, radio, and an AI-driven future.

On another front, I am hopeful that remote access to Roon (WAN) is still on the roadmap. I have ~4TB of music on my Synology NAS (Redbook and above). I use Roon for playback in the house and Synology’s DS Audio app (not so good) to get to my library and play music through my iPhone when not at home/travelling. It offers download of music into the app so it works when disconnected (say on an airplane), but it down samples all music and the UI and player are not very good.

I look forward someday to use the Roon remote on my iPhone to access/download my music for playback when not at home or connected to the Internet. Per the comment above, I understand that streaming sources may not be available in this mode – at least when not on-line, however, for music owners who only use streaming as a supplement, this is not an issue.

Well done and congrats on 1.6!

I believe that my lifetime subscription was one of the best value investments I’ve made in my many years of being an audiophile and music lover.