Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

I never use upsampling but I did find after the upgrade my music was being upsampled to DSD. Maybe check your DSP settings. Don’t know if anyone else has had the same experience as me?

EDIT Is Roon really that smart, to know that E.S.T. is the right picture to display, but the bio should be Esbjörn Svensson himself? On the othe4 hand, I know that @Brian is a fan of E.S.T., he put me onto them, maybe he coded some logic so3cifically for that case :joy:

Wrt the picture on the Now Playing screen.

  1. I had noticed a really cool feature on the Display feature: when I had several Primary Artists, the Display would cycle through the pictures. I loved that. I often edit my albums to include all the artists listed on the cover, because it is interesting to me who the artists chose to recognize. I would love to get that back.
  2. It is hard to understand which picture and bio is chosen. This album lists the Trio and all three members. The picture is from the Trio, and the bio is of the Trio namesake and “leader” although he is not identified as such in the credits.

Now playing picture:

Now playing bio:

The bio of Svensson is overlaid on the picture of the Trio.

The choices are actually good, in this case. But they are hard to understand. And is Roon really that smart? I will keep looking.

Thanks for the new release Roon team!

Update went smooth, works well. Qobuz integrates well, cost me a Sublime+ membership however :slight_smile:

Collecting albums from an artist took ages yesterday evening but is back to normal now on first glance.

One tiny detail: Qobuz is not mentioned on the Settings/About/Copyright section.

Love your dedication on this forum. Thanks!


The “Now Playing” is just so uggly. Who at Roon has decided to implement this? This is definetely a wrong road for Roon.

Please roll back the “Now Playing” to the version before.


Static lyrics have embedded timing so will just sit there. Only the clock symbol ones move.

The “footer” is not an improvement, and the once iconic waveform display has gone. Next step, cut all the jelly fish in half too? The waveform display was an instantly recognisable almost trademark. I dunno, but it seems like Roon has morphed from being a serious audiophile grade player into a karaoke machine. But perhaps thats where the market is… /rant


Which is ironic as one of the complaints about Tidal is that it is just hip hop…(not so obviously)

Great release. Very happy with qobuz!


Also I don’t like in iPhone app that I can’t clear upcoming in the cue and I don’t see total time left.

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roon is the audio-player i have dreamt of for all of my life. thank you for the hard work over the years.

having said that, the footer of the latest release ist a big disappointment for me.
i’m not talking about functions here, it just seems totally out of place.

the old footer had style, was visually appealing and, what is most, was consistent with the rest of the ui.
the new footer looks like a quick draft for technical preview, before the ui-designer takes over.

don’t get me wrong, i appreciate your work very much, don’t want to sound harsh. i’m sure that countless hours of discussion and programming were needed to implement the new functions.
so why not letting them shine?
I know that you can do much better, as you have proven many times in the past.

Please, give us back the old colours, at least as an optional „classic theme“

best, c.


Something sounds better with DSP specifically with Convolution.

I agree. Please bring back the iPhone Roon App’s Option to “clear all tracks” in queue with a single click.

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Absolutely love 1.6.
Awesome UI and very very happy to see Qobuz on-board.
However I do wonder in this day and age:

Why does the new search engine not find e.g. Kandice Springs if I search for Kandice Spring?

Why does radio only show one upcoming track???

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Agree, James. It looks a bit weird on a 4k screen especially.

Hopefully now Roon is focusing more on UX, and judging by Brian’s comprehensive responses herein, I’m optimistic we’re on the upward slope in this regard :slight_smile:

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@Kim_Kruse_Petersen , I would tend to agree with you that the NP screen needs a bit more refinement.

I think it’s also a very +ve step that the guys at Roon are making changes to the UX, trying to perfect things and seeking feedback. Good job!


agree that, certainly for streamed content, “deleting it” should be a painless process. It’s a many-stepped process at present, which is unnecessary.

I am finding the more diverse Roon Radio selections very much to my liking. Roon Radio is pulling up stuff that I haven’t heard before ——until now. Great feature improvement.

Edit: I have to say this might be the most useful feature upgrade yet. Incredible.


It doesn’t if you go to the queue and thumbs up some tracks they build into the queue.


Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread:

Thanks for the new release guys (lifetime subscriber here). I appreciate the new release and quickly updated to checkout the new UX - which unfortunately for me was a big let down. A few of my personal observations. I appreciate that not everyone shares these views of course.

  1. As others mentioned the big grey bar on the bottom looks out of place in dark mode and from a UI/UX perspective is a massive waste of space - the bottom third of the screen is basically empty.

  2. Fullscreen is gone! I read the rationale that “nobody used it” but I certainly did and it’s not like it’s taking away resources to keep the option, so really don’t see the value in removing this option. It was also the only view option to have large album art showing while also showing the playbar/counter and album info - and it was another reason for me to buy into Roon originally.

  3. Things like “Overview” haven’t changed - this really could use an update on the UI/UX side - a bit of a lost opportunity.

  4. The playbar (red line) - possibly it’s just me, but one of the only things that I found annoying about Roon was that the thin red line on the playbar never moves smoothly in “real-time” when playing a song like other players. It always jumps as the song plays, instead of moving across in one smooth motion. I provided this feedback a long time ago, but guess it’s not really a priority. Though it would be a nice improvement I think.

  5. “Up Next”. I actually really liked the old UI screen with the “up next” showing. I gave a preview of where you’ll be and also sad to see this removed.

Would it be possible to simply provide the existing new UI/View without remove the old view or have it as an option? Is there a way I can “downgrade” to the previous version of Roon?

While I really appreciate the new release, the new UI/UX part was a bit of a step backwards for me in that it removed useful and functional views like large album art/fullscreen instead of simply adding a new “clean view” option which is what is there now.


Adding Qobuz to Roon with Tidal is amazing. It feels like bottomless music. So far there’s been a decent mix of choices and resolutions between the two. I am really looking forward to hearing what the “Radio” digs up.

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