Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Triggers complaints and support issues and products returned to the dealer and internet storms…

If it were leveraging cloud without you having an account I’d agree. As things stand you’d have to make an active decision to opt in (and have a potentially inferior experience (dependent on lib size)) and if it doesn’t work you make an active decision to opt out. FWIW I’ve let it run for days using an active streaming account with Qobuz and I’d say >95% of picks are present and played from my library. So given a sufficient library my experience would be bloody good with a Tidal or Qobuz account that can’t serve content. If I had only a few thousand albums my experience would likely be worse, in which case I would just remove my Qobuz and Tidal credentials from Roon and enjoy the 1.5 radio algorithm.

Could you give us some idea as to the size of your local library?

In my opinion, the problem is not in the artwork itself but in the different principle of alignment in the artist page and in the now playing screen – by top or bottom edge. I meant it should be the same everywhere – by top edge, for instance, like in the artist page.

Is this a bug, listening to this track, I decided to fav it on The ‘now playing’ screen. The Heart didn’t fill.

When I looked on the queue the Heart was filled but still not on the above screen.

Lovely track though…

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That also happened in 1.5… so it’s an old bug.

I was referring to the following post. Some changes are still rolling out.

There’s a lot of comparing going on between the sound of Tidal versus Qobuz being done these days Some time ago I did it with the BluOs app (I had a Nad M50 during these period), I found Qobuz sound better, better balance, but the catalogue of Tidal was better.

Roon did a nice upgrade with Qobuz but it would be better if the layout not have been changed, it was good as it was.

It might be a detail, but if you are just bought a €500 amplifier with the volume control button in the fronts middle and the next day it has changed to the left side, I don’t think you would find it pleased … … I mean, layout option would be nice option

Upgrades like adding Qobuz ore a better way to have internet radio stations are always welcome but changing the manner of using a purchased app is a ‘not done’ for me.

Well that’s saved me a long post! Exactly what you said, now if the devs can apply those clean, uncluttered ideas to the other screens (the library screens have very old fashioned column headers and big buttons, very old hat!) that will be grand! And like you I don’t get the dark theme idea, reading white on black negative is difficult and when you look away your eyes take ages to stop seeing everythjng through a Venetian blond effect! If people want it that’s fine, but it should effect all areas if you don’t.

Wow! We are all getting our own tailored version of Roon, no more moaning guys… yay!! :joy:

The Now Playing screen on my CCU redraws in stages: first text, then album, then background art.

A more professional appearance would be slow fade in, all at once.

If the Configure Now Screen is this:


The way I read this is the user wants Artist Photo as the default, yes? That’s why he put it up top.

If Artist Photo is not the default, what is the point of reordering the options?

If it is supposed to be the default, it’s not working. I keep getting lyrics up top.

Now Playing nit: to move between different content up front, I prefer buttons that recycle to the front/rear when they reach the rear/front, a la a circle instead of a line.

Same comment for album art.


I think if there’s no Artist photo available, the screen falls back to the next available item in the list…

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I was getting confused about where the lyrics box was being opened from.

The lyrics icon by a track listing will just open up a lyrics box for that track in both version 1.5 and 1.6.

In version 1.5, the old playing bar had the same lyrics icon, which if used, would open the lyrics box. The contents of this would change with the track.

The lyrics icon on the new Now Playing screen doesn’t open the lyrics box, but instead shows the lyrics as they are rendered in the Roon Display screen.

John, you might be better off posting these questions in the Roon Radio Feedback thread…

I want to Congratulate Roon team for this update. I may be the only one,:grinning: but I like the Now Playing and also Qobuz integration. Don’t be discouraged by some criticism. Thanks for all works.


It is a pity that the face of Rachel Podger is not visible, it is pretty. :frowning:
Roon staff, when will you solve this problem?

See this post further up the thread:

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