Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

I have found the problem,

example Maria Callas

I select Panorama or Album and i search Maria Callas it will give me 31 album maximum, and there is 16 album in my favorite, and it does’nt give you access to 232 others album on Tidal

You have to pass through Artist and go to the bottom to see the access for the other 232 albums

But this morning i was unable to find them

Now it works but it is not so easy to understand, and i think sometime it kept precedent result even by the Artist access


it is quite a diverse group, including ones with different living conditions, family structure, localities, hardware setup, technical know-how, audiophile vs musiclover, streamers and not, etc…

the one thing they have in common is that they provide feedback we can use. that takes time, so they all have something in common that allows them to do that.


In the main now playing screen I noticed that for some tracks I do not have the option to see the credits even though I know the information is available. If I go the album, I can see the track credits listed under the title and from the 3 dot menu. On a related note (I listed this issue in my larger post above), the track credits shown does not match the one from the credit icon in the main now playing screen.

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not mutually exclusive, of course… :wink:


It shouldn’t be but … :sunglasses:

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The new roon radio works great thru my main system but when I tried using Roon Radio thru my Sonos connect or Play 5 speaker I get this message “ Unexpected error : Limiting Roon Radio to library”. I have a current Tidal subscription. Anyone else getting this problem ?

Problems with access to streaming library. In my opinion Tidal fault. I have many, many times problems with stream in mobile scenario (in my location 3/4G works well) and sometimes via Tidal app in home. So, its not Roon but service problem.

There is a roon fault at the moment.

Can’t see if anyone has commented on this already; the music queue on the android app has lost the “clear queue” button. Have to select all then delete from queue. Can we have this back please? (It’s still in the iPad app). Thanks


Thanks for the info, I’ll wait for an update.

I don’t know if this could be the problem, but is the same Tidal account set up on your Sonos system? If not, try adding it.

There was a problem with the roon infrastructure nothing to do with individual accounts.

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Good catch ! I had the wrong Tidal account info in sonos. Roon Radio is working properly now. Thank you.

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A few notes:

  1. The now playing footer needs to be expanded a bit to show more relevant info about the song such as format, sample rate, DR, etc
    [A] It expands at a touch, and shrinks back at a touch. Seems a reasonable way to manage the information vs. clutter balance.

  2. The now playing footer should include ability to see the lyrics, album review, track credits directly in a pop up box, why does clicking the microphone icon just take me to the main now playing screen?
    [A] It does. The full Now Playing page is in effect a pop up, you can get at a lot of 8nformation, and then collapse it to get back.

  3. From the now playing footer I should be able to go directly to the artist or album instead of first having to expand to the main now playing screen
    [A] We always want to be able to get directly to everything, but then you would have three different clickpoints with different behavior on this narrow area (which many people want to make smaller): artist, album, Now Playing page. Seems challenging. I think of expanding the footer to the full Now Playing page as a universal (temporary) entry portal to all kinds of information, seems a good, decluttering idea.

  4. From the queue list I should be able to remove a song with a single click instead of first opening the 3 dot menu
    Touch the track:

  5. All the same functions to see information about the artist, album, track credits should be available from the queue list. Using the same icons that are on the main now playing screen will make the user experience more consistent. By removing the track credits from the queue list will make it less busy looking with too much text.
    [A] As above, cluttering up this page is problematic, but there is a pop up instantly available for this purpose — the Now Playing bar. Why do you have a resistance to the dynamic expansion/collapse of the Now Playing bar/page?


I’ve changed my thought on this…actually having the thumbs down on the right is brilliant…
Its the button I use most and having it on the far right of the screen makes for easiest access

Thanks Mike, good to know.

I really like 1.6, especially the now playing screen and radio upgrade. Roon radio is now what I thought it should be!

When the option for album art is added to the now playing screen, the grey bar at the bottom is changed and and the peq is sorted (all these fixes appear to be imminent) , my (minor) gripes are all sorted!

I am rather surprised by the harsh response this update has attracted. The Roon team seem to have implemented many features that were loudly shouted for in previous feature requests. Maybe with a larger user base there are more opinions out there. But to my mind, a few early minor UI annoyances in 1.6 does not detract from the ever improving Roon experience. Qobuz and Radio has been done, and with mobile and improved classical to come, Roon is just getting better and better.


I think this is actually a compliment to Roon devs. It indicates how important this app is to folks. If there weren’t strong opinions, it might mean we don’t care as much.

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Still not able to see my favourites on the Android app. This is a real bummer. I’m not a streaming person ( tidal/qobuz) and this update leaves me cold.