Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

It’s the screen I have on in the background whenever I’m playing something, almost always a playlist.
It’s displayed on a screen that’s easily visible, while I’m sitting comfortably.
It’s there so I (or anyone else listening) can glance up to easily see what’s currently playing.

I have an iPad I use for control and browsing. On the now playing screen I just want to see the file artwork (which I have spent a load of time getting just right for every track) as large as possible.

I understand that other people use this screen differently, and I think making it configurable is a great idea.
I just don’t understand why you’ve made the artist picture compulsory and big (especially as the default art is pretty dreadful).
Why not offer just large artwork as an option. I’m sure there are many people who use the now playing screen as I do (judging by previous threads on this).

By the way … I love everything else


right the reason why I never liked Roon’s integration of Tidal :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously: having options there would be a godsend, also since… there already is a dedicated Qobuz Favourites section :wink:

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Perhaps the whole idea of artist’s pictures was never a good idea. Just popularized by music labels because they were too cheap to commission original artwork for album covers – I’m looking at you, jazz and classical. No reason a 21st-century music system has to continue to mindlessly propagate 20th-century cost mitigations.

More interesting would be to put up a staff, and display a transcription of the actual music playing. Probably beyond the reach of current technical abilities, though.

Maybe I am missing something here, but where are the “top streaming” and “top download” Qobuz charts on Roon?

I can see them on Qobuz own up, and on third party apps that integrate Qobuz. Such as MConnectHD, or iPeng 9 for SqueezeLite.

I don’t see them on Roon, under Qobuz headings.

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Yes, that feature would be of great help.

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The title Qobuz screen scrolls vertically… They seem to be there for me.

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Or, you know, many years. There are promises in the forum from 2015 to support the LYRICS tag, still unfulfilled.

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Hi, thanks for this great update.

I am with Qobuz since 2012 and I bought some albums. Now I have these albums twice in my library; once as flac (streaming version) and once as alac (my download). That’s absolutely ok. I also see all other qobuz streaming albums, I can add to my library (same as TIDAL) - but without a streaming subscription! This does not make sense, does it? I can’t play these albums.

Yes!! Please give us back large “now playing” cover art!


Exactly! My main feature request as well


I’d be fascinated to know what proportion of the Devs and beta testers are made “anxious” by this. Sounds absolutely ludicrous that it was canned from this release because of that feedback.

These poor souls would have thrown themselves off a bridge using the random play function in LMS, which showed the next 12 upcoming tracks.


Right? The album cover is the thing! Not lyrics, credits or badly cropped low res images. Just the album cover please. I LOVE my lifetime Roon membership, but please give us this option.


Right? Anxious? I don’t understand it one bit…


One slight hiccup, I began my Qobuz account by logging in using Facebook. My password is all lower case. Roon refused to accept the password until I went back into Qobuz and changed the password into the approved format (upper and lower case, at least one number, eight characters). Roon then accepted my login. I haven’t had a chance for a good listen yet but it all updated OK.

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Roon and Tidal could “grow” together. They appeared on the market about the same time.
But the Qobuz integration now is really different, because I bought many, many downloads and have lots of favorites in Qobuz.
That can lead to a real messy experience…when two huge databases are combined.

I use a second display with a Chromecast device to show what is playing, and the laptop I use as the core is typically left on the “Queue” page. Using Tidal, I love the new radio feature, but I don’t see any obvious indication for the song in the queue if it is already in my library or not. The only way to check is to visit the album page or to select the 3 dots options menu to verify. I’d love to be able to immediately see if the song playing is already in my library without having to click somewhere.

On the left side of the queue where the song title and artist are shown, every song has "Added by ", even if it is not currently in my library. Am I missing something?

Using Windows 10.

Important DSP feedback:

  1. Numerical input for gain in Parametric EQ was removed - only a slider remains. This means you can not tell what the (± db) setting is without clicking on the slider, which because of the sensitivity of sliders means you inevitably change (i.e. slide) it.

  2. In the same view, if you don’t have Roon maximized, Roon gives you a very thin slider on the right so that you can scroll down to see “Frequency”, “Q”, and the like settings of whatever band is selected. If you miss clicking on this very thin slider you end up clicking on the gain. At one point I did this and the gain instantly moved up +12db!! I consider this a serious, possibly equipment damaging issue. The gain slider should not respond at all unless it is directly clicked.

  3. Because of #1 and #2, DSP is somewhat dangerous to use with a mouse - and for all practical purposes broken for my touch tablets.


Am I understanding this correctly, if I browse ROON while listening to music and through that browsing I add a ton of music to the queue; there is no way of seeing this list and edit it?

“Triggering” is a bit strong a word here - annoyance at inconsistency is more like it, it’s mostly that there’s an easy way to get rid of something that’s coming up in the queue, and that’s great, but then when you try to get rid of what’s playing, it’s a different thing to do, and also how do I tell the black box that I don’t like it when Mongolian nose-whistle plays after jaw harp and is that different from getting rid of what’s playing right now, type of thing.

From the CA review: “One item of note that may not please privacy enthusiasts is that Roon Radio makes recommendations based on other Roon subscribers with similar tastes. As users listen and interact with Roon it collects this information and uses it for not only to improve your experience but that of others as well.” - from the release notes for 1.6, Roon Radio 2.0 has an “offline” mode, that doesn’t make use of the call-home-distributed-learning-cloud stuff. I personally don’t care if my overconsumption of Macedonian Gaida music is used to determine what deodorant I like (and I totally trust you guys to do the right thing here), but it might be nice if there was a way to toggle that to off.

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No, you can always view the queue and edit it to your heart’s content.