Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

I’m very happy and I like very much new lyrics (synced or not) display inside software but I also have a question about it. It seems to me that nothing has changed in now playing screen on Android (tablet) but reading these lines “Tap the name of the song you’re listening to get easy access to track credits, artist biographies, album reviews, artist photos, and Real-Time Lyrics, right on your laptop or tablet.” I expected to see changes also for tablets. So I am little disappointed about it.

Except for the lyrics I really don’t like new Now Playing: little cover e big photo (but I read that the devs are already working on this, new playing bar colors (Dark or white), new waveforms and too little playing buttons.
New search is a little slower but very goodand definitely an improvement.
It’s too soon for me to judge new radio.
I don’t care about Qobuz (I’m happy with Tidal) but I think it’s an added value to Roon.

The Now Playing view has thumbs up/down for the song currently playing.

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Skip to next track does that.

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Welcome to Search 2.0 1.6 … :wink:

More there:

Thanks i didn’t know that.

Thanks. I don’t get them on my macbook for the now playing screen. Nor on iPad. Is there a trick to get them displaying? (I’m only playing local files if that’s a factor)

Very good point.


Strongly disagree.

But that’s okay. We all have things that are important to us. But felt strongly enough to bring this point to the front.


The fix would be for Roon to successfully recognise the Qobuz versions on import as duplicates of the version already in the library. Simple as that.

And as I stated above, the fix for me was to sign out of Qobuz, clean the library, then resign into Qobuz, after which there were no longer the unwanted duplicate albums. Of course they are available as alternative versions in Roon and play at high resolution as part of my Qobuz sign in (I don’t have a hires streaming subscription but of course all purchases can be streamed at thei highest resolution). In what way do you see a problem with this end result?

There is. Just skip the track and Roon will ask you why and feed your answer into your algorithm.
Sorry - I see you got this already. I didn’t see that there were replies when reading your post.

I get them on my iPad for both Tidal and local songs.

We can find examples on both sides.
iOS was a truly dramatic break with convention (success!) and since then has done small incremental changes (success).
Windows 95 was a radical design (success!), then did small incremental changes for ten years (success!), then did a complete rethink of the whole UX in Windows 8 (failure!).

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Wow! This is fun!

…and then a W8 increment to W10 (success).
As long as there is an overall vision small increments are fine… I actually prefer regular updates to big bang releases. It gives customers more opportunity to feed back and give ideas that can be incorporated if they fit with the long term vision.

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As I said, there are times when I want the other version, such as comparing versions and having Qobuz access when away from Roon. And I think it would be weird if a Quboz purchase causes the Quboz stream version to disappear but a HDTracks purchase does not, and if a Quboz purchase does not cause a Tidal stream version to disappear.

Fundamentally, I don’t like the strong Qobuz-Qobuz association. When I look at my library, the whole point of Roon is that the source is not important. If I have a streamed version in my library, and I buy my own copy, the streamed version eithe4 disappears or not, due to some incomprehensible rules? Where it depends on where the streamed version was from, which is discoverable in Roon but not obvious? And on where I bought it from, which is completely invisible in Roon?

Anyway, we are discussing what a solution could look like.
Please explain to me what “duplicate” means, I.e. what is the difference between a Version of the album listed on a white background (in your library, which you consider a duplicate) and on a black background (in Tidal or Qobuz, which you don’t consider a duplicate).

I’m not sure what you are expecting to happen but it seems reasonable to me that if you are not paying Tidal to stream you should not be able to stream Tidal content. I think this would also apply to “free” ad supported subscriptions since I’m assuming Roon does not play the ads required for that type of subscription.


@pstrisik @Dave_Richardson Thanks but yeah I don’t get that on mine. Neither being asked why i’m skipping nor the thumbs for the current track. On a side note the radio song suggestions seem way off now. They used to be good mostly, now they’re way off the mark since 1.6. I’m on build 390.

Well, all versions of Windows have been hideous IMO .:smile:… but I do like iOS, and personally felt UI updates were cohesive.

Anyway, looks like I’ll be using 1.6 after all - ‘someone else’ in my house either enabled auto update or just followed the prompt without thinking and updated it. I literally discovered when I came to listen to music after writing my previous post! Mmmmmmm. I opened DSP and, well, urgh, mmmm, OMG. Deep breaths. I’ll play for a few days and then think about restore.

But most of all, why the blander play button?

It wasn’t an increment. It was a regression back to the more traditional menu driven interface of Windows 7.

The no menu, hot corner, large tile interface of Win 8 was abandoned by Win 8.1. Win 10 still has that weird mix of Win 7 (Control Panel) with the newer Win 10 (Settings).

Congratulations and well done on a superb update, I am thrilled to eventually have Qobuz on Roon and all the new features and updates are working like clockwork.
One of the best subscriptions I have ever taken out is my lifetime membership.