Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

(Ged) #1067

Post a screenshot

(Chris ) #1069

In Roon it will only display from Tidal the albums not in your library. Any MQA albums will be under versions.

(Jack Neber) #1070

Thank you Chris. So if I understand you correctly, if I have a 16/44 wav of the album in my library, I should choose it, then look at alternative versions after it is loaded?

(Jack Neber) #1071

Got it Chris, that worked!

Best -


(Mark) #1072

Was hoping we would see vertical scrolling. Much needed.

(Scott Winders) #1073

You can still pull up the lyrics for a song by clicking on the 3 dots and then on “View Lyrics”. The bad news is you have to do this for each song as the window contents don’t change when the next song plays.

(Ged) #1075

raise this under support

(Steven Hansen) #1076

Great to know. Less than intuitive but it works. Thanks for the info.

(Tony Abbott) #1077

So far, very much liking the latest version- nice job!.
Creates a dilemma for me though as I’ve been with Tidal since I started with Roon, and although I’d like to try Quobus, not looking forward to recreating all my lengthy playlists.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #1078

Oh, wow… I was reading this thread and thought: “my Now Playing screen doesn’t look like that… I want the artist photo to be the default…”. It never occurred to me that I could customize Now Playing and I didn’t notice the 3-dot menu, until I looked at others’ examples of Now Playing. Perfect! Now, I am all set.

Please stop changing the UI so I can get used to this one and get back to the music :smiley:

(Josef Nachbaur) #1079

After update to 1.6 the performance of Roon UI is much worse. With 1.5 everything was lightning fast. I run roon core on NUCi7/ROCK, music library is on Synology NAS.

Nothing changed except Roon update 1.5 > 1.6…

Similar experience for other users after update to Roon 1.6?

Performance degration happens mainly in selection and starting music from Tidal or Qobuz (not on local library from NAS).

(Sven Eschholz) #1080

Same here, UI is much slower with 1.6 compared to 1.5.

Further, many picture now missing which were formerly there. Strange

Liked the big text display before, now we‘ve gote smaller fonts. Hmmm

Any views by others.

Best Sven

(Chris Brown) #1081

The new features in 1.6 are great to have and well done on all the hard work that went into building them!!

The BIG letdown for me though are some of the GUI changes, many of which are noted in the previous posts. For me, the new GUI on the iPhone app is a vast improvement in terms of look and feel and intuitive navigation. The iPad and MacBook GUI’s on the other hand are, IMHO, BIG backward steps compared to V1.5. It almost looks as though different developers worked on the iPhone, iPad and MacBook GUI versions…??:thinking: . The new GUI’s for the iPad and MacBook control points make it very difficult and frustrating to use these versions as Roon control points, and I find myself turning to the iPhone app instead, and then mirroring it to my large screen TV! :roll_eyes:

On the iPad and MacBook versions, as has already been said, there’s not enough contrast, fonts are way too small and too light. Lyric text seems to automatically be too large and I can’t find a way to reduce the font size (that was very intuitive on the previous version) Is there any way to reduce the size of the artist’s picture? In some cases you only get the lower half of a torso! :slight_smile: I find the ‘4 part screen’ that comes up with the overlay large picture of the artist, the discography text and two other items, much less useful and too intrusive compared to the way 1.5 handled this information.

Sorry to be a kill joy, but for me, the look and feel of the GUI in 1.5 on the iPad and MacBook was really good. 1.6 has (with the notable exception of the very good iPhone version) has taken the GUI several steps backwards.

(Niccolò Terzi) #1082

i think this will never happen.
anyway, you can tag your files track by track. in that case, roon in general add the credits in the correct way.
i do this, as a long well established treatment since my first squeezebox.

on the other hand, what is really missing, and i’d like to see improved, is roon showing existing metadata.
i mean, roon metadata are not complete at all… but there are some. the point is that they are not shown.
let’s say, for example, that there’s no way at all to BROWSE PERFORMERS…
this, for me, is incomprehensible.

(G_Man) #1083

I have to say, the new “skin” or colours, are too bright and bleak.

It is no longer possible to see the dynamic/amplitude of the track - it is grey on grey! How can I get back the old black background, please?

The colours should be customizeable.

I hate change in general, but when it’s change for the worse… it’s depressing.


(Scott Winders) #1084

Most people that hate change think any change is for the worse.

(Gautam Ramnath) #1085

Loving it! what are the chances of integrating impulse correction software into roon to GENERATE the convolution files for use? if reasonable $ I would be happy to pay for it. Just a thought

(Alex) #1086

Er, she’s dead. Thank fuck.

(Tony) #1087

They both are.

(G_Man) #1088

Why don’t you comment on the actual enhancement? Like it, don’t like it, don’t care?

I actually use the track amplitude to find a specific spot in a track, but now that it is the same color as the background, it is very difficult to find.

Before: white amplitude against a black background. Now: grey amplitude against grey background. This is a step backward.