Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

(Steve) #1109

Since being ‘forced’ onto 1.6, I thought I’d play with the new radio (Tidal). It’s not bad, not up to Spotify level (I’ve become a big fan over the past 6-8 months and use it for discovery), but still plays along the same lines. It’s much more in keeping with what the ‘focus on similar’ button should do (but doesn’t do). I won’t get into any UI feedback, other than to say specific to radio - could do without the feedback box popping up after every track skip - is there a way to disable?

(Tim Woodward) #1110

Yes it’s buried in Settings/Setup :blush:

(Ruud Verrijk) #1111

I see the same message popping up sometimes in playlists in Roon with Qobuz tracks. Fortunately never causing interrupts in playing tracks, but delayed moves to the next track.

I agree it is not the internet feed. I have a solid 400 Mbit/s, connected to Roon core with wired Gigabit ethernet.
Also running highres from Qobuz web app or iPhone app does not cause any delay or hiccups

(Mohamed) #1112

Roon 1.6 upgrade has resulted in inconsistent album art & progress displays on Chromecast.

  1. Roon correctly connects to chromecast and displays
  2. Roon chromecast display does not show album progress or correct album consistently
  3. Roon chromecast correctly responds to the ‘stop display’ and ‘start display’ commands but does not refresh to the correct album information or progress.


I’ve waited a while to post feedback so I could have time with 1.6 and let things settle. Before I get to specifics I want to thank the Roon team for the continued focus on adding new features, services, and modernizing the application. It’s good to see innovation continues to be at the core of what you do. So far it seems I made the right call in purchasing a lifetime subscription.

That said, 1.6 is probably the first time I’ve seen a release that makes the application worse than it was before. Here’s why:

  1. The UI changes are heading in the right direction but the app now has a mix of UI designs and it is messy (see UI thread for more details).
  2. Whatever changes you’ve made to the software architecture or the backend infrastructure have made the application sluggish. I see this most pronounced when adding albums to the library, doing searches, and even just getting an album to play.
  3. The service quality seems degraded. Examples are the issue where the album covers wouldn’t display and the ongoing off and on erratic behavior for the AI-driven Roon Radio.

To me these issues detract significantly from the new features. Improved search is the most important for me but being slow makes it less appealing to use. I can’t use Qobuz since I’m in the US and they don’t appear to want me to Beta test. I’m more than likely sticking with Tidal so this is not a relevant feature for me (but certainly I can see this being good for Roon in the long term). Roon Radio is not an important feature for me–I rarely listen to music this way. Overall quality of service is much more important to me.

Overall, I’m disappointed with 1.6 but I am confident the Roon team will fix these issues and continue innovating to add value to the service. For now, I’ll continue to enjoy the music.

(Steve) #1114

I see a switch for 30 seconds notification, but not for the pop up request for feedback after track skip? Maybe they’re the same will try later.

Wonder why the earliest you’re allowed to know is 30 seconds before the track finishes? To make it more exiting perhaps?

(danny2) #1115

I think what you are looking for is found here: hit the queue button to open up the screen that lets you see the songs in line for Radio playback. Go to the top of the page on the left side and click on the 3 dots. the menu that opens up will let you “limit Roon Radio to Library”; activating that turns off the the requests for feedback. Not the perfect solution, but it is one.



I too, find previous versions being visually more appealing and easier to use.
The worst for me are very small play/pause rewind/fast forward buttons.
The only UI that is good is the one on the iPhone.
The location of these buttons is awkward as well on the desktop or iPad.

Could you please consider making them bigger and relocating them into the middle?

Best regards,


I agree with @erich6 and others who are disappointed because Roon has become noticeably slower. Everything used to be really snappy and now it’s kind of sluggish. But I LOVE the Qobuz integration…

(Tony) #1118

The artist image AI is going to need some tweaking. Blowing up passport size photos and cropping them to CinemaScope, is not an improvement.



(Stefan) #1119

Not just the artist image.

GUI developper surely were stuck with a 14 incher … since if not they must have realised that the bottom bar ended up with items one needs a magnifying lens while more but 50% of it’s space remain unused. All the bottom bar’s items have surely fitted side by side while offering to be more but 8x8 pixels or such like.

(Tony) #1120

A bit of a pattern starting to emerge here. Many artists simply will not have an image that lends itself to whatever algorithm the AI is using:





(Duane Smith) #1121

Not real happy with the update for all of the reasons listed above. The search feature is really, really slow and the radio function doesn’t seem to be learning what I like to listen to at all. I’m also losing connection constantly. Besides Qobuz support, this update is a big step backwards IMO.

(Michael) #1122

The addiiton of Qobuz is a huge accomplishment. Kudos on that! Roon Radio is working well for me, particularly in how in delves into Qobuz and therefore great for discovering new music.

I do understand many of the UI criticisms, but Roon Labs has acknowledged that the UI is a work in progress so I’ll give them a pass on this while waiting for UI functional and consistency improvements down the road.

(Andreas Weidlich) #1123

Guys, a thousand kudos and a million thanks for the 1.6 upgrade! Integrating Qobuz the way you did together with revamped Radio functionality has been a game changer for me. Also employing Rock to my full satisfaction. You rock!

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(Dave Moore) #1125

Ten char, nevermind

(Allan) #1126

This was discussed in great detail here:

No one from Roon took the time to respond. I’m not optimistic that they will fix this. Roon already said that they were pushing through high def versions of the photos, coupled with facial recognition, and apparently they think that doing so will fix this problem.

It won’t. The problem is that the Roon design team decided to take square photos and SEVERELY crop them to force them to fit in only the top half of a rectangular screen. This is the brute force sledge hammer and hatchet version of automatic cropping. Then Roon automation takes those severely cropped photos, with only the middle section of the square photo, and enlarges that small part of the middle square, and does so to an absurd degree. Many of the photos are simply too old, too grainy and too fuzzy to survive this process and look even reasonably good.

Tony posted yet another example of what frequently results – of the artist’s eyes only along with a nose. In most of these cases, you would never know who the artist is were it not for the fact that Roon pastes the artist name over the top of the nose. This is what happens when Roon automatically does a hatchet job of cropping a square photo, and then applies facial recognition to it. The result is a massively blown up center of a face, but thanks to face recognition, it is centered very nicely, thank you very much. The result belongs on a web site for plastic surgery to advertise nose jobs.

But just as frequently the Roon automation misses the target entirely, as the above examples illustrate, because there is nothing for the face recognition to latch on to.

Many other examples have been posted. While this doesn’t happen with all photos, just turn on Roon Radio with older classical, rock or jazz, with old square photos, and watch the results scroll by. It happens far too frequently.

The Roon designers need to take a crash course in Basic Photo Cropping 101. This will never work.

When photos are mauled by a hatchet job of automatic cropping, coupled with the resulting absurd degree of enlargement that is pixelated and fuzzy, the result is a MAJOR design problem.

But no response from Roon that I have seen, but maybe I missed it in the hundreds of pages of commentary on some of the poor design choices made by Roon.

My suspicion is that fixing this problem would involve a major change to the design. The designers either don’t want to undertake such a major modification in the design, or admit that their design is so inherently flawed, or both. I don’t know how else to explain silence from Roon regarding a design problem that is so obvious.


I just upgraded to a Lifetime Subscription. I remain optimistic that these problems will be fixed, but the general lack of response by the Roon team on their hatchet approach to photo cropping concerns me.

I can only hope that they restore a large illustration of album covers as an option on the Now Playing page that is clean and simple.

Hopefully without the dumb thumbnail, as having both a thumbnail and an album cover serves no purpose at all. To put large album cover above a thumbnail of the same cover is the design equivalent of an oxymoron, so I hope they won’t do that.

I only hope that the Roon restoration of album covers on the Now Playing view will actually be simple, elegant, and clean.

That is not asking too much.

(Allan) #1127

Totally agree. I also made that request, and was referred by Roon to another thread where that specific request was not addressed.

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