Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

As a new user I’m largely in agreement with Tim. The now playing interface, on the rare occasion I actually look at it, is fine, nice even. I’ve rarely noticed the issues referenced in this post - and had I not read it probably would have thought nothing of it.

I am, for example, perfectly happy with this. Scales to my macBook or 24" external monitor beautifully.

This is poor though. As has been said, there’s a lot of wasted space there.

@brian - that image file for Adrian Boult is only 75 x 104 pixels. B390 expands that into a fuzzy mess for the Now Playing screen:

Or are you saying that Roon should not do this for certain images - and that’s the bug?

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Indeed. The search results look more like a mock-up than a polished end result of a thorough design process. The ideas are there, but is that really it?

Please see my last post.

Based on what Brian posted, what many of are seeing is incorrect. We are seeing the severely cropped and enlarged photos pasted over the top of the “regular” page, with the type over the top of the photos. It isn’t just me.

Brian posted numerous screen shots that are a direct return to the version 1.5 “regular” page.

So the immediate question is why so many users appear to be seeing one thing, and Brian another?

That said, I strongly prefer the mystery version of Roon that Brian is posting from.

No - Brian posted shots of the Artist detail pages in 1.6 (and they are what I see as well), not the Now Playing pages… It’s the latter where the artist images are being manipulated beyond the limits of acceptability.

Please, for heaven’s sake, read the prior posts. Look at the examples. They are from what I called the “regular” pages, and what apparently are called the “Artist Detail” pages, to distinguish from the “Now Playing” pages.

You are flatly wrong to say that the concerns that have been posted are only about the Now Playing pages.

Brian, at least, understands that. He posted views of the Artist Detail pages. They look like version 1.5. What Tony and I posted – and many others – look dramatically different with regards to the Artist Detail pages.

That is the bug that Brian is referring to. So I described my own behavior, as a user, so Brian can replicate it. And noted that many others are seeing the same results.

And I hope that the correct version of Roon – the way that Roon wants it to appear in the Artist Detail pages – is what Brian posted.

That is why, in my prior post (which I doubt you read) I said that Roon needs to look at all three types of views – the regular or Artist Detail view; the Now Playing view, and the Search results view.

So to cut to the chase, here are questions and observations for Brian:

(1) In the Artist Detail view – are we all supposed to seeing what you posted? Specifically, SQUARE PHOTOS IN A BOX – above the text and NOT behind the text – as in version 1.5?

If so, that is fabulous and all of our concerns with regards to the Artist Detail page have been resolved.

(2) Many have had different results in the Artist Detail view though. Tony posted the same. Has Brian attempted what I described above, to replicate my own actions, and what are his results?

Brian at least needs to know that this is a widespread bug.

(3) Then that leaves the Now Playing View as the only outstanding issue.

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Artist detail page!!! No ifs, ands or buts!

Ah - OK - I see your examples of the expanded images on the Artist detail pages now. Like Brian, I’m only seeing the expected image on these pages, and I only see expanded images on the Now Playing pages; and I am running 1.6 on both Core and Remotes…

Have you tried to reset the image cache … not sure but there may have been weird things going on during the update. I know I did a reset and that’s what I get right now.

the problem is the bug @brian referred to up above. the image cache wont help… it’s the same image, different layout.

I get the same image after the first click. Click on it several times and it will change!


OK. Then I’m just lucky. :slight_smile:

How many times did you click on it? Because I know more than twenty users with the same problem…

You won. :frowning: Clicked a couple of times and changed the views. Now I’ve got your Karajan. :wink:

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I can reproduce that @HWZ – thanks.


Danny, can you clarify one question, so we all know what the actual intention of the designers is?

All versions of Roon have had two treatments for artist photos, based on size/resolution, going back to 2015. One had a wide image behind the text, and one is the smaller image in a box. That has always been the design intent. We did not re-design the artist screen for 1.6.

There’s definitely a problem where the wrong treatment is being chosen–that may be related to 1.6 changes (either the cropping improvements, or the fact that we started keeping artwork up to date in your databases instead of letting it “freeze” the first time it was downloaded). We are investigating.


Brian or Danny,

OK, and I assume the same bug would apply to the artist detail examples that I posted of Wayne Shorter, Stan Getz and Randy Sandke?

So all of those artist detail images are wrong as well?

Again, if so, that is great news. We all thought that was your actual intention, and you can understand why we questioned your design sanity. :wink:

I just went through a bunch of artists in my library and this all seems to be working correctly.

The Roon team has already confirmed they can reproduce the problem. Try some of the above examples. I bet you’ll get the same bug. Two or three clicks and then “things get ugly”…

BTW, I don’t get this problem very often. I usually add my own pics anyway…