Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

(David Orgel) #1222

A number of people, including me, can induce the buggy behavior without actually playing anything. Go to an artist page with a low-res, portrait-oriented photo, navigate away from the page, and navigate back to it. I find it helps if you don’t use the “<” and “>” buttons to do this, and you may have to repeat the process a couple-few times.


I’ve just installed Roon 1.6 on a new computer, but haven’t yet sorted out some albums with poor metadata, so a few composers have both a Performer and Composer view on the Artist detail page.

When I repeatedly toggle between the two views the artist image also changes as discussed above. But also shows an intermediate stage - with the ‘normal’ image but with the blurred background zoomed to a different level.

Interestingly, when I navigate to another artist, and then back to the first artist, using the ‘Followed By’ / ‘Influenced By’ nav, the image of the first artist is reset.

I’ve made a screen capture to show this, hopefully it will be of some help to @brian and the team:

PS Just want to say despite a few minor UI issues, I’m really enjoying the 1.6 update - the Roon Radio is excellent, and it’s reassuring to see the Roon team, as always, taking onboard our feedback. Thank you.

(David Orgel) #1224

That video does an excellent job of illustrating the bug.

(Tony) #1225

Yes, there seems to be several ways of reproducing this including not playing anything. So I could reproduce what you report by:

  1. Go to the Artist browser.
  2. Select Adrian Boult.
  3. Picture normal on Adrian Boult’s page. But Adrian Boult has a Pop/Rock genre tag ?!
  4. Exit Adrian Boult’s page by clicking on Pop/Rock.
  5. Do a search for Adrian Boult from the magnifying glass.
  6. Click on Adrian Boult’s circle.
  7. Get back to Adrian Boult’s page with massively blown up fuzzy image.

(David Orgel) #1226

And you have my permission to delete that Pop/Rock genre tag. I’m certain Sir Adrian would agree.

(Tony) #1227

I never noticed that before. That would explain a few things.

(David Orgel) #1229

For the record, “large” and “larger” versions of the album art are available by clicking on the album art on the album page.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #1231

Thanks I am aware of that. But those don’t keep up with Now Playing.

(Allan) #1234

Whenever I add a ripped download to my media library I include album art for two reasons. First, so that the art shows up in Sonos. Second, I believe Roon defaults to our own art if it is the highest resolution. Roon defaults to our art if it is entirely missing within Roon.

(Nic) #1235

I wanted to spend some time with 1.6 before chipping in my 2c.

The good:

  • Radio! It was enough to make me sign up for Tidal (trial) to give it a proper whirl. There’s always edge cases of weird tracks in any automatic “radio” function, but Roon’s works as well as any other (and definitely better than Spotify). (BTW I’ve now cancelled Spotify and am all-in on Roon!)
  • New DSP view. I didn’t have a huge problem with the old view, but this new one is great for testing small tweaks.
  • Now Playing. I mostly use an iPad to control Roon, and the UI changes all look great to me. I do wonder if many of the UI complaints are coming from people with extra wide monitors etc.? I also find the separate queue screen a much better way to have things work. And while the artist photo crops are sometimes weird, I’m not aware of a better service (Spotify/Tidal don’t have any photos/info for many artists I listen to)

The not as good:

  • Search speed: I assume this is partly because I’m now using Tidal as well? But I use to be able to zip around search super fast.
  • Still no portrait mode on iPad :frowning:
  • Still no keyboard shortcuts on iPad :frowning:
  • Still no “away from home” Roon :frowning:

Overall though, a great update in my books!

(Tony) #1237

The good news is that several ways of reproducing this have been posted now. But the next thing is what to do? It is just a suggestion, nothing more, but where there is only a small passport photo one idea could be to merge the artist image with the artist bio.


Get the 12.9” iPad Pro and you are all set! Works great on Portrait

(Daniel Lundh) #1240

So, here we are after the 1.6 launch. Most things went smoothly.
I had no trouble updating Core and player applications (Windows / iPad/ iPhone). Everything went smoothly. I’m not sure what the Linux part of Roon for playback is called but I use that and the update went smoothly there as well.

I don’t usually notice UI changes, i’m not a stickler for details I guess, so most of it just went over my head. I did notice that the now playing screen changed but with a few swipes it mostly looked like how I remembered it (I guess I’m not a big fan of change either?).

The release has worked very well, no stability issues.

The big enhancements do nothing for me (I like to chose my own songs thank you and Qobuz isn’t available in Sweden) but I appreciate them and the value they add to Roon. If the Radio can somehow morph into a curated list of Discover Weekly like Spotify has then I’d probably use that (I know I just said I like to chose my own music, it’s not all black and white).

Overall: satisfied. Good work!

(Chris ) #1241

And you will never use it as landscape looks so good… IMHO

(Geoff Coupe) #1242

I think the guilty party is the “Classical Chillout” album, which has Pop/Rock as a genre, and which has a track of Sir Adrian conducting a performance of The Lark Ascending…

(Tony) #1243

Well spotted sir.

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(John Calvert) #1245

I believe that my previous posting was incorrectly split over to support… given the fact pattern, I wish this were being treated as a regression in 1.6 of basic function rather than a support ticket. Especially as it appears from the many posts here and in support that there are others who are experiencing the same regression.

(Reader of the Internets) #1246

I’ve been seeing the same issue with my Chromecast Audio endpoint. Previously stable, with 1.6 it now stops every so often. The stops seem to be correlated with Roon endpoints appearing or disappearing on my network. It happened when the Roon app on my Fire HD8 tablet crashed and the default Fire home screen appeared. It happens very repeatably when I open a laptop that has Roon installed on it. I’ve reported this, and they’re working on it, I trust.

Not sure how to read the logs, but Roon seems to keep some connections open to some endpoints that aren’t playing anything, and if the remote end (the endpoint end) closes that connection, there’s a re-discovery process triggered which seems to re-build the zones, and seems to fail on re-building the CCA’s zone, perhaps because I’ve got DSP enabled on that endpoint?

(Dave Moore) #1247

Not sure if this should go in the radio thread or not…

Roon for Mac.

There is a huge full height sidebar in the UI, advertising Roon Radio to me… even when I say I don’t want to use it.

Thanks guys, I know about Roon Radio.

Please provide some method to control the visibility of this bar… Either a toggle to show/hide, or a global preference… or ?!

Every (!!!) person who I have shown Roon to, has commented about the radio sidebar. Anyone familiar with UX, as been flabberghasted that such a big (and in some contexts useless) sidebar, has zero controls for showing it (or resizing it).

I was waiting until the “next version” before posting this … to give time to address it with all the radio changes/fixes which had been mentioned as coming.