Roon 1.6: how long does it take to


edited, a couple of days ago, my Qobuz (and Tidal) playlists titles (using, as it was more comfortable, Qobuz app and Tidal website)

changes were (almost) immediately reflected in Roon’s Qobuz and Tidal sections but… not (two days later :open_mouth: ) in Roon’s Playlist section
already logged out/in of both streaming services a couple times to no avail :no_mouth:


What is wrong? Your playlists from Tidal and Qobuz are not showing in roon?

Qobuz playlists are still showing with their old (unedited) names and Tidal’s… are still there after deleting all of them but one :roll_eyes:

see the duplicates? reason why had to add "Qobuz - " to their names (Qobuz logo doesn’t show when picking a playlist from “Add to Playlist” menu when adding tracks in Album view)

You can only add to a roon playlist whilst in roon. you can’t add tracks to a Tidal or Qobuz playlist - that’s why they aren’t showing up.

… sure? looks some do show!

… unless those are local: can’t really tell and this is the reason why I edited their titles

but… however… new titles are still NOT synching two days later (in Roon Playlists, see previous post screenshot) and this was my main question :wink:

But once they are Local they are roon local no longer attached to where you got them from, why would you expect them to have a logo from where they came from?
As for the synch - try logging in and out of each service from Settings, services and see if that helps.

  • reason I edited playlist titles is exactly to always get what’s local and what is not :wink:
  • as I wrote… already logged out/in a couple of times (yesterday and again today: changes were made two days ago) to no avail

I still don’t understand what you mean by playlists but i’ll leave that one.
Flagging @support to have a look at the playlists.

Can you explain the sequence of events here? Where was the playlist created, when was it edited and where, etc.

Right now the Qobuz API does not send us a notification when a playlist is renamed, so those changes won’t show up in Roon for the moment. We are hoping to implement that change detection soon.

Your screenshot doesn’t show any TIDAL playlists – only Qobuz playlists and Roon playlists, as denoted by the icons at right.

Can you explain exactly how and where the playlists were created, and where they were deleted?


hi @mike

  • my Qobuz playlist were created using either Qobuz app, Lightning DS or more recently (not sure about this one) Lumin app
  • when I found they were showing in “Roon’s Playlists” I used Qobuz app, on macOS, to add "Qobuz - " in front so they didn’t duplicate existing, local, ones
  • change was reflected in Roon’s “my Qobuz” section but only some did also change in Roon’s “Playlists” section

Tidal playlists… those are local: sorry, my bad :frowning:

Thanks for the info, @pl_svn. I’ve passed this info along to the team. As Mike mentioned above, the Qobuz API doesn’t currently send us the update playlist name information, but we are hoping to implement a change here soon. I’ll be sure to keep you updated once more information is available.

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