Roon 1.6 Internet Radio Crash [Ticket In]

I have a problem with the new Roon 1.6. When trying to listen to Internet Radio, the system crashes. It worked without problem using the prior version of Roon. It works without problem when playing music from my library, and the internet radio can be played without problem using a browser. The system is based on a dedicated, headless Mac Mini, with the current operating system (Mojave 10.14.3). It is controlled either via screen share from my Macbook or the Roon app. on my iPad, with the same result.

Is there a way to get the internet radio working with Roon?


Hello @NiHo

We have a few reports of Internet Radio stations causing Roon to crash and we are investigating.
Please let me know the link of the radio station causing this issue and I will add it to the investigation.


Thanks. The internet radio station is:

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The Linn stations also have caused crashes with 1.6. Never experienced any internet radio crashing Roon prior to 1.6.,aac