Roon 1.6: Internet Radio, RAAT

I’ve had a lot more trouble listening to Internet Radio station since Roon 1.6 came out. In particular, JB Radio (FLAC 192/16) and Radio Paradise (AAC 320k). Often I can’t get one song played before the radio stalls repeatedly.

I have a 1Gbps fiber internet connection, and my ROCK NUC is cabled directly via ethernet.

My endpoints are both wired (1Gbps) and wireless (Allo BOSS over wifi). My wifi speed is 100-300 Mbps.

Has anything changed with Internet Radio or RAAT in 1.6, that might explain this? Eg is buffering tighter or the protocol more chatty or something? Just grasping at straws but I really haven’t been able to listen to radio since 1.6 released, especially via RAAT.

Other Roon playback (library & Tidal) is usually fine.


PS. This is possibly another RAAT issue, but I’ve also noticed more “sync” problems when grouping endpoints in 1.6. I never noticed it before 1.6, and now it happens not infrequently - the endpoints get out of sync (separated in time). If I stop and restart the music, the problem goes away. (These are all Roon Ready endpoints - 2 Allo BOSS DAC’s, and a dcs Network Bridge.)

There’s an issue with certain radio stations that will crash Roon server or stop playing altogether. The teams are looking at it hope they have a fix in the next release.

I’m not experiencing any crashing problems. Just an inability to play some favorite Internet Radio stations in 1.6 without it quickly stalling/stopping (eg Radio Paradise,

Also the issue of Roon endpoints getting out of sync is new in 1.6.

Hello @jimmyb,

I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue you are having with the radio paradise stream but have been unable to do so, it’s been working fine for the last 20 minutes on my end so this leads me to believe that it may be something environmental on your end.

What is you network setup like? Please list the model/manufacturer of the router, any switches, range extenders, ect. Does you network follow our Networking Best Practices Guide?


Hi Noris, thanks for the followup.

I described my network a bit in the first post. I have a 1Gbps fiber WAN connection, and my Rock/core is cabled directly to the network. One of my roon endpoints is wired, others are wireless.

My network equipment is Ubiquity’s Unifi gear (gateway, switch, access points, cloud key). I do have an additional 1Gbps TLink switch that my servers (Roon, Plex) connect to - it’s then connected to the main Unifi 8/150w switch.

My wifi speeds around the wireless endpoints are pretty fast, eg 300Mbps.

Surprisingly, I have less problems streaming JB Radio FLAC (16bit, 192khz) than I do streaming Radio Paradise (320k AAC).

Please note, I also described an independent, second problem involving grouped endpoints losing sync.

Yes, I believe it does.

Hi @jimmyb,

Thanks for clarifying the issue further.
I think we should separate the issue into two and proceed as follows:

  • Note the exact local time in your country of when Radio Paradise stops working next time
  • Note the exact local time when the RAAT grouping behavior isn’t working as expected and the zones that you are grouping

I can then enable diagnostics mode for your account and take a look to see if there are any hints towards where Roon is hanging at.

Since this issue affects both radio streams and RAAT synchronization I’m inclined to say that something on the network is causing packet loss. If you want to try another test just to start eliminating variables, it would be interesting to see what the behavior is like when the ROCK and connected to the primary router instead of the switch. Please let me know if that helps.


Hi @Noris, thanks again for the help. I will try plugging Roon directly to the main Unifi switch, without the TLink switch along the way. (That’s as far upstream as I can put it, with the Unifi architecture.)

Then I’ll try to reproduce the Radio Paradise issue and etc and report back. It may be a few days before I can reconfigure the network, so please bear with me.

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just a quick followup -

It’s been more reliable since I removed the secondary TP-Link gigabit switch.

Sometimes I’ll have particular problems with one station or another, but not across the board- so I don’t particularly suspect Roon there.

Hi @jimmyb,

Thanks for the followup here. If you’d like to look into this further and believe this is still Roon related, please do let me know the timestamps as I previously requested. One good test here would be to see how the playback from these stations work in other apps as well, if other apps have issues this could still be networking related.


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