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Are you folks even working on fixing the Roon 1.6 search function. It returns all sorts of invalid results along with valid results. The valid results are not all even at the top of the listing. Are you really working on fixing this? It has been 7 plus months without an update to Roon 1.6. How about an update?

Hi @Jolly_Wykoff,

Can you share some examples of the invalid results you’re seeing?

Before I go to the trouble of documenting something that I think others have also reported, I would like to know if the folks at Roon are working on fixing issues with the search function in Roon 1.6.

Without going into specifics at this point. When I search for a classical composition like Goldberg Variations. I get a lot of results. The first few will be on point. The next few will be totally unrelated. then the next few might contain 1 result that are partially related.

Seems to me ALL related results partial of full should come first. Then there should be NO other results unless I specificall ask for “others” that are unrelated.

Hi @Jolly_Wykoff,

Yes, the team is always working to improve our search functionality. Any specific examples of searches that provide results that are not what you expect are great feedback to provide to the team as they continue to make improvements.

You might want to revise your thoughts as a Feature Request post.

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