Roon 1.6 Volume icon still shows volume after Devialet Expert powers off

Hi, after upgrading to 1.6, I see that the volume icon still shows the volume below when the Devialet is powers off after idle. Before, the volume reading would disappear so one could know at a glance if the amplifier was on of not.


That’s weird. The volume control on my Devialet 200 is unavailable after powering off the unit via the Roon app.

If you click on it says it’s not available, but shows the value:

Before 1.6 the value (-16.0 on the screenshot) would not be there

Yes, I see on my system that it reflects the last volume used. But as the unit is off and will default to its normal volume when turned back on, is that an issue?

Well, I know it does not hurt anybody but, again, before 1.6, when the Expert turned off you would not see the value and, could see, at a glance, without clicking on anything, that the amp was off. And if you launched Roon and the Devialet was off, again there would not be any value. Don’t know why suddenly works that way in 1.6. I believe it was the more logical behavior. Can @support shed some light?

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Can we have word from @support? Thanks.

Hello @Gustavo_Gabaldon,

Apologize for our lack of communication here, this is a fluid situation that required checking with a few different sources.

The behavior you are seeing is intentional, and is designed to help the user know what volume the device will play at when they start streaming to the device.


Thanks for your response, John. In the case of the Devialet Expert is basically meaningless, because it normally turns on at a ser volume, not necessarily the last, aside from the fact that you cannot tell if it is turned on or not at a glance.