Roon 1.7 and Tidal slowness


I’ve just updated to 1.7.
I’m running Roon on Roon OS (Nucleus).
I’ve restarted Nucleus after update and removed/downloaded again ALL apps for my iOS devices and all works fine but Tidal search…

Everything else is lightnings fast (library and Tidal albums added to my library) but new albums or artists are dramatically slow…

Any feedback?
Do I need to clean something or maybe login/out from Tidal again?
Search is a bit frustrating this way…It wasn’t this slow even with my old qNap setup…

Hi @Paolo_Limoncelli,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you provide an example of a search and how long it takes to load in seconds?

Hi Dylan,

all my devices are connected with ethernet cables.
Nucleus (RevA) is directly connected to the router, so it does my Lumin network player.
Also I have further enpoints, in other rooms also wired, but to DLink switches (Aries Mini and AppleTV4).

In this video I’m using Roon on my Macbook to open the same album side by side with Tidal APP.

Screen Capture

I’m counting 7 seconds
Before 1.7 this simple action was dramatically faster.

To clarify, if I play the Tidal album from the miniature (using right click and play) it starts pretty fast and without issues. The problem I’m showing above happens if I want to browse album’s tracks and description.

Thanks, @Paolo_Limoncelli.

Can you verify what router you’re using?

If you reboot the Nucleus is there any change in speed here?

I’ve found a solution changing DNS settings in Nucleus to

Now it works fine

Great, glad you’re up and running now @Paolo_Limoncelli. Happy listening :headphones: