Roon 1.7 (Build 537) / Broken Connection to KEF LSX


streaming via RJ45 to my KEF LSX previously workked fine, but with this new build the connection gets lost / pauses after several seconds playing a track (Tidal is source). Also the initial startup via lan on the LSX doesn`t work as before (double click on the power Icon required). No settings changed in the device / audio setup.
More so, on this new build i don´t see the new “auto stand by” feature any longer as on build 536 (but did not use it eihter).

Please check for this bug in the new build!!

This would be better seen in support so I will move it there.

Hi @Dirk_Linker,

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How far in exactly do you get the lost connection message? Is this behavior consistent? As in does the issue occur at the same time in different tracks? Are local library tracks working as expected on the LSX and this issue only affects TIDAL content?

Hi noris,

thanks for the quick reply!

After some more testing I can say, that the issue depends on how I trigger the lsx.
If i turn them on by the “native” remote an select the source (LAN), then open Roon an dplay tracks the lsx perform like expected without loosing connection.
If the lsx are in standby (or on) and I trigger them via the Roon Audio control panel the “lost connection” info pops up after about 15sec playing a track. I´m only using Tidal (library)… More on this behavior, like i mentioned in the initial post, the lsx do not react as expected (or on previous builds). I have to click the power symbol twice to trigger them ON, and after this the “issue” occurs. This is consistent. More so, the track stops playing and I can see the volume bar in Roon switches to 0 and ramps up incremental by 1,2,3 without putting through a signal?!..

Hello @Dirk_Linker,

Could you please share some more information regrading your setup?

  1. What are the LSX connected to, directly to the router?
  2. What is the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear?
  3. What type of Core do you have - what is the model/manufacturer/operating system/specs?
  1. Could you please reproduce this behavior and note the exact local time + date + track of the issue’s occurrence?


1./2. The LSX are wired via a Netgear (GS305E) switch to my Router (FritzBox 7590) all on the latest firmware available. No Probs on previous builds (Roon).

  1. My core is an AMD (8core - AM4) system (16 GB Ram, NVME SSD, GTX1080) running the latest Win10 OS (1909)

  2. Procedure: LSX in standby. Sarting Roon on my Core -> Track is Tidal source -> Using the Roon Audio Control Panel to Trigger the LSX On -> on first clicking the power symbol in Control Panel nothing happens -> on second click the LSX react by turning On with correct source selected (Lan). After several minutes playing, there is no lost connection for now.

But this weird twice clicking the power symbol is reproduceable. Also to put them in standby again. Tested right now in several trials.

Hi @Dirk_Linker,

Thanks for the additional info!

If the LSX are in standby mode and you try to start playback without clicking the power button in the Roon interface (by just hitting play on a track), do they exit standby mode properly?

Please note the exact local time + date + track of the issue’s occurrence if the issue re-occurs and let me know this here.

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