Roon 1.7 (Build 667) Update Issue

Since updating all devices to Roon 1.7 (Build 667) I have had multiple occurrences where each end point device running Roon will open/launch and when you select a song to play will look like its playing but no audio will be heard. Only way to resolve is to reboot QNAP NAS to restart Roon Core. Never had these issues prior to this update.

End point devices: 2 Windows 10 version 2004, 1 iPhone 8 version 14.0, connected via ethernet to Netgear C7800 Cable Modem/Router
NAS: QNAP 777, firmware: TS-X77_20201024-, Roon Server App version V2020-07-15

I know this will not be of any help but just to say that I too am running QNAP core (Latest Firmware) on Roon 1.7 (Build 667) with no issues. Running faultlessly using Windows 10, iPad and iPhone 8. End point T+A.

Thanks for the feedback Scottav. Good to know similar Roon Core platform and endpoints are working for others.

OK, I have isolated the issue to audio files with m4a extension, i.e. Apple AAC codec. I have no issues playing songs with FLAC or MP3 format. This is true for all 3 endpoints. Any ideas?

There seem to be a few people with the same problem.
Moving this thread to support category.
You’ve already given the requested system details I see.

How often does this occur? Have you noticed any patterns / steps that result in this issue occurring?

If you switch endpoints at this time does that work, or once this starts are all endpoints affected?

Hello Dylan

Issue occurs whenever I play a song that is M4A AAC audio format. Once I try to play audio type I can not play any others i.e. FLAC or Mp3. I have to close the client and restart. I do not have to reboot the Roon Core as originally thought. This is 100% reproducible. Switching endpoints produces same result. Generating the issue on one endpoint doe snot corrupt the other if a non M4A AAC audio file is played but once an M4A AAC is played then that endpoint Roon client breaks / gets corrupt and you have to close and restart it.

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Hello @Scott_Schnoor,

Thank you for those additional details!
This issue is being looked into another thread, please see the latest progress here:

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Thank you Roon Technical Support

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