Roon 1.7 built 710: "Force Rescan" of Library doesn't work anymore

Core Machine (ROCK/NUC 8i7/Roon 1.7 build 710, Music Library stored on Synology NAS DS 218+ with latest OS)

**Network Details (Router Fritzbox 6591 with OS 7.13, ROCK attached via Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Linn Majik DSM 2 (mainly))

Since a couple of days the “auto scan” of new files apparently doesn’t work anymore and even the “force re-scan” (Settings–>Storage–>Force Rescan) doesn’t work anymore:
In order to force a rescan I have to do (Settings–>Storage–>Disable) followed by (Settings–>Storage–>Enable).

I got a new router (Fritzbox 6591 replaced the old Fritzbox 6490) a couple of days ago but I have no clue if this is the reason for my issues.

Hello @Jens-Michael_Arndt, and my apologies for the issue here. Can you tell me how the NAS is connected to the router? Are you having an issue scanning any location (such as s USB drive or local storage) or just the NAS? Is the NAS reachable outside of Roon?

Hi @nuwriy,

thanks yours:

The NAS as well as the NUC (with ROCK OS) are directly connected with the router via ethernet CAT7 cable, i.e. without any switch inbetween.

Scanning local storage or USB drive:
Sorry but did not try this yet

NAS reachable outside Roon: Yes


Hello @Jens-Michael_Arndt, could you please send me a screenshot of Setting>Storage and a screenshot of the path to your music files via finder/file explorer? Also, have you rebooted the core and network since this started? Also please let me know if you have issues testing with a USB drive, that will help us narrow down the issue.

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