Roon 1.7 Feedback Thread

My review of 1.7: :+1::+1:


Now with 1.7 finally Qobuz for the first time in Roon plays reliable as before it only did in all other apps. In Roon I had big problems, I guess mainly due to a too aggressive buffering scheme of Roon that blocked further access to data from Qobuz while the actual track was buffering. The first 30’ into a played song Roon was irresponsible to any further operation that needed network access. Now in 1.7 all is fine. So I hope for you that the issue has to do with some congestion in the access to the Qobuz servers and is not an implementation issue of access to Qobuz in your country. Here in France, at least for me, the new less aggressive buffering scheme of Qobuz streaming is the real + of the latest update.


I can confirm the findings from @streamy68. With the update to 1.7 Roon is playing better than ever! The sound quality is much better: more detail, a better placing of the instruments/vocals and quieter (more ‘black’; if you know what I mean). I can even play HiRes up to 192/24 which wasn’t the case with version 1.6.

I notice the signal path always show 24 bit on source of Live Radio, is that correct?

That does seem odd.

Same pleasing improvement on my side (streaming Qobuz in France) - Less hick-ups such as “Qobuz track is loading slowly” etc…

Surely has to do with buffer management improvement indeed - @mike was kind enough to explain details in this other thread - basically parallel buffering (smart idea for corner case, but impacting main case perf) was killed.

Glad to hear it !!

I have loads of options so the Tab A isn’t a train smash . I use a mix of iPad, a 11 in Windows Tablet plus my Android phones so I’ll survive.

I was trying to use one device for everything , phone, book reader music playback on headphones and controlling music but alas

There is a way to get what you want:

  1. creat an tidal account for testing
  2. log in there with roon
  3. do not prolong after end of testing
  4. roon now can use the database of tidal, but of course you can’t play the music via tidal.

I doń t know about qobuz, but give it a try.

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Nice release.Really like the live radio feature.My main request.Its also a speedier experience on my modest Mac so happy here. Happy to pay the yearly subscription for such progressive software. Great stuff.

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Don’t frequent the forum much lately, but thought 1.7 had some great features that ticked a few boxes for me.

  • Album suggestions, tick. Far too much classical to be perfectly matched to me, but what I saw listed was in the ballpark, looking forwards to exploring - hopefully fills the gap at home since pretty much every streaming app I use away from home has such features. Seemed weird it was in overview and not ‘discover’. Why so much fragmentation between library and streaming (I personally don’t use discover for library, I find it pointless on my size, but would expect to go to discover to see suggested albums and, er, discover). Will take months to evaluate this feature for usefulness/accuracy etc.

  • icons. Wow, finally, this is great - no longer do I have to explain what the raspberry pi cases are/mean and why they are the zones. A few more would be good. One improvement would be saving grouped icons - breaking them down and regrouping forgets them, so kind of breaks the feature for me in a household where things are often ungrouped/regrouped.

  • radio. A big step forwards. Aesthetically could be improved (big white borders in dark mode isn’t ideal) and would love filters for minimum quality levels etc. And filters for popularity also should be by genre (I personally don’t care to listen to speech/country stations just because they’re popular, but would like to explore other popular choices.).

Most disappointing was the UI, yet more inconsistencies, yet more age old issues still not addressed, but more than anything the iPhone app which is still missing so many features it’s annoying fo use. And mobile is obviously a big omission, but am just used to the range of alternative apps now and actually think they’re better than Roon on the phone and better for music discovery - maybe the update will address this in some way?

I was again forced into this update - I don’t think it’s good design to let anyone click on an annoyingly tenacious popup reminder and forever change the home audio setup - but at least it came with some good features!


Congratulations on the release Roon. Here’s my take of the good, the bad, and the ugly:


  • Flawless deployment with no hiccups installing across all my devices
  • Roon seems as stable as ever
  • Search speed consistently fast so far
  • Selectable bitrates for Qobuz


  • Recommendation engine is not serving up interesting discoveries. Relevance seems very random. Sometimes I get the same album repeated multiple times in recommendations just different resolutions. I get better from Apple Music and Tidal.
  • “Recommended for you” over “By This Artist” in album view
  • “New Releases for You” in “Overview” section instead of “Discovery” on iPad and Windows PC (got it right on iPhone)


  • Bold font; the UI keeps regressing with each release
  • Celine Dion

Feedback for improving recommendation engine:

  • Add filter for genre like Qobuz does on their Discover page “New Releases” section
  • In addition to sorting by “Relevance” and “Newest” add “On Heavy Rotation” that sorts results by how much Roonies are listening to it.
  • Add a selectable time period.
  • Consider adding a focus filter for new release recommendations which can also implement the above suggestion. Focus filter is one of Roon’s best features and you could use this to differentiate the product from all other “new releases” implementations out there!
  • Train the AI?

They must be listening, Celine Dion is gone from recommendations.


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Same here.


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I was so impressed with Roon I just had to have the Nuc/Rock setup and the lifetime subscription. Over the past month or so of having all the music I wanted available whenever I wanted the newness had worn off and it was just another part of our entertainment system. Have to say I’m excited all over again with the 1.7 upgrade. Like a kid in a candy or toy store. Great job Roon and thanks.

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I‘m not sure… is that the way it should be? Looking at an album I own in my library (eval by sonic youth), Roon shows all Albums of this artist I own below the recommendations (by this artist). If I look to an album of the same artist which is not in my library, no albums of the artist in my library is displayed.

If looking for an album I’d search under albums. Evol?