Roon 1.7 Feedback Thread

Thanks a lot to all people from Roon team !
You’ve done an amazing job and I love the new 1.7 :love_you_gesture:
Just missing portrait mode on iPad which is not a « pro » :wink:

yes - exact same. Andris Nelsons Beethoven complete symphonies (btw a very good recording)

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Yes I think this is a fault of the way Roon works, it can do things with those albums you have in your library that it can’t if you don’t have them in your library. So an album on Qobuz you also have added to your library will have Roon internal links to the library artist and show other albums, but if you don’t have that particular album in your library there’s no link back to your library artist for Roon to follow - if that makes sense?

I expect to see Roon becoming far more integrated with streaming service data in the future, so we can use Roon to like (‘heart’) tracks, albums and artists on Qobuz we don’t have in our actual library. Live editing and adding to online streaming service playlists is also way overdue. I have to keep reminding myself that Roon’s roots were firmly established in managing local libraries of audio files stored on hard drives across a LAN, so this whole internet streaming thing is just opening everything up for both the Roon team and the rest of us. Its going to be fun how things develop - I hope! :blush:


Yes I really don’t like horizontal scrolling, always forget Roon does that as I’m so used to pretty much everything else not doing that! :blush:


I really like the “All tracks” display for multidisc releases.


I noticed that too. I opened a support thread:

“Remove from Queue” on the currently playing item, causes playing to stop. It does not continue playing the next item the in the queue.

Is this the expected behaviour from the Roon team?.. or is it a bug?

All is running very smoothly today for me with no skips or pauses, etc. I’m running Roon on my Dell laptop USB to my Dragonfly Cobalt. Since we’re at the mother-in-law’s for Thanksgiving, I’m using Verizon wireless internet burning through lots of data. I have 75 GB and my wife has 25 GB, so that should do me.

I’m new to the internet radio world as of Valence, and wondered about this. I found some stations that broadcast MP3 320, but most were much lower, some like 28!. Are there stations that broadcast at an audiophile level?

I listened to a Dutch jazz station last night at MP3 320 and the SQ was mediocre but I enjoyed their fresh music and added a few tracks to a Tidal playlist manually by searching in Tidal, but it was cumbersome.

I notice Roon displays what track is being played on the radio station, would be beyond handy to have a one click option to add the currently playing radio song to our Tidal/ Quboz library to listen lossless in the future.


Build 505 seems PERFECT so far. Great work Roon team.

I can now click on anything, Tidal or Qobuz, and it starts playing almost immediately. You have definitely fixed something. Thanks so much.


There are stations that transmit FLAC content. Try Radio Paradise or Rondo Classic. Others were set out in this thread prior to Live Radio.

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Not many of them.

Hello, I think Valence is working pretty well for classic music. Far from perfect but quite nice.
The general search function is indeed poor but I found a way around it.

  1. I search for a composition e.g. “Beethoven piano sonata 16”. The resulting albums list is always useless. 2) I check compositions, if I get the right one at the top I move to that view. 3) I filter compositions in my Library and Qobuz.

If I don’t get immediately the right composition it is most likely in one of the first albums showed. I open one album, right click on composition and move to that view. Easy!

Today’s update to build 505 works a lot better on my Windows desktop, there still is some font shading I don’t have with other programs but at least not everything is bold anymore and readabilty is greatly enhanced by this. Thanks for the quick action.

Hi All,

Appreciation for a very stable release and a large bump in sound quality

Feedback for Roon development

Artist Play has provided some mixed results

Example - Paul Brown (Jazz Artist Selected) and on playback via ‘ Artist Play , Paul Brown (Folk Artist) played followed by other artists tracks (where Paul Brown was composer / producer). It did not play Paul Brown (Jazz Artist) the main artist as expected.

In addition, there were enough data points at both Artist level and Album Level to indicate to Vālence that the Artist = Paul Brown and Genre = Jazz, so confused why Vālence would select Artist = Paul Brown and Genre = Folk unless it did not utilise these tags in its probability scoring / weighting?

Please could we have a configuration setting to allow for Artist or Composer and/ or both to be selected as a default playback mode?

Roon Display

Highlighted in Bug Fixes in Build 500: Smaller artist photos are centered instead of being cropped on Chromecast/Web Display. It works as described but leads to a less than ideal user experience for the smaller images.

User case – updated artist images for many indie artist who do not meet the banner sizing requirements for full screen display. Previously these images were rendered to fit the screen – sometimes it worked well and other times less than ideal. However with the new changes the display screen looks worse as small images are displayed on a sparse black background with no color blending. User Experience from this perspective has been negatively impacted.

Please can we have the option to select either render smaller images to ‘fit screen’ or display smaller images centered. If this is not possible, would there be any plans to color blend the images

Overall a good release

With the update to 505 none of my computers will connect to the ROON Core for more than a second. I tried to update the ROON Core first – maybe that’s the problem.

With the update to 505, many of my Bookmarks became invalid with the changes made to “Storage Location” in Focus settings.

I guess segregating collections by storage location / sub-folder is a bad idea. :crazy_face:

Whatever you guys did with 505, it is now lightning fast loading music from both Tidal and Qobuz. Even 24/192 Qobuz files that used to take forever, not take a second or two. Thank you, thank you.

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JB Radio-2 is my fave for this.