Roon 1.7 + HQPlayer 4.6

I am using latest Roon 1.7 with latest HQPlayer 4.6. It works well and I can easily switch between Roon and HQP.

There are two issues. One is the song progress/time. It is not working. It does not show any progress on the song during playback.

The other is that playback sometimes stops after two songs.

Are these known issues?

Hello @Shaul_Ben-Yossef,

In HQPlayer, what do you have the “Time” setting next to the volume control set to? Do you experience these issues when “Time” is selected?


In HQP the time is set to time remaining:

When I set it to time, it seems to work. I have to check a bit more. Thanks!

I also don’t understand when song time shows as dynamic volume or as flat line (see second image that shows dynamic volume). Sometime it’s like this and sometime like this. This is less important.

Other thing I just noticed is that that song time at the end of the scale is hidden by the recording icon:


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If you’re streaming, the scrub bar is flat.

Thanks. Makes sense.

Hi @Shaul_Ben-Yossef,

Thanks for confirming :+1:

You only see the wave bar on local content that has had Audio Analysis completed.

What Roon Remote and screen are you seeing this on?
Please provide model/manufacturer of the remote and the full screenshot.

I am using Roon lastest 64bit on Windows 10 (latest update)

I also have the following font issue in splash screen but it’s a minor issue:

Hi @Shaul_Ben-Yossef,

Thanks for the info on the remote, but I am not seeing this issue on my end:

Where exactly in Roon did you see this cut off the timer? Which screen was this?

It looks like you posted the cropped image of the issue, but I cannot tell which screen you were on before you took this.

This is just the main player screen:

That microphone / replay is not part of the Roon UI, sounds like you might have NVIDIA overlay turned on:

Thanks. This worked. I did not know this came from the In-Game Overlay.

There is the splash fonts issue. It’s a minor issue but it can be nice if there is a solution to it, maybe related to windows 10 compatibility / scaling.

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I’ll let the team know to take a look at the quotes page for better font scaling.

Since the original issue is resolved, I’ll also go ahead and close this thread out, if there’s anything else just let us know!

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