Roon 1.7 iPad update issue [resolved]

I am on an Ipad and the new roon update is hanging. the ipad indicates one or more devices need an update. The Ipad is up to date and the Ipad roon app is current, any ideas?

I saw something similar when I updated Roon Remote on my Samsung Note 9. I think it is telling me to update the core or server which I plan to do. Just wanted to verify I had access to the new remote.

When you say that the Roon app is up to date on your iPad I presume you mean that you updated it this morning? There is a new 1.7 version of the iPad app that has been pushed out in the last 12 hours. If you did not update then there is your issue.

As you hold no data on the iPad, it is OK to delete the app if it is misbehaving and do a clean install. See if that helps.

Thanks every, i fixed the issue, I did try to remove and re-install the ipad roon app and it made no difference, I fixed the issue by powering issuing a reboot of the physical roon appliance. When the restart completed then the update ran.

Same here, Roon core is on a Synology (Linux) after stopping and restarting the process it has now finished installing the 1.7 version.