Roon 1.7 New install crashes right after start up

64 bit Windows 10 (v.1809) in a LENOVO 20250
Laptop has NVIDIA GT-745M and an Intel 4600 card
OPENGL 4.6 installed
NV Storage HGST hard drive 1TB (Drive C:)
NV Data Drive WD (external) 3 TB (Drive D:)

Also streaming Tidal.
PS Audio Direct Stream processor via USB to Windows 10 laptop.

Description of Issue
Roon was stable on my laptop prior to v 1.7 being installed. When I initially opened the new version, a message came up saying that it would not run until my database was repaired. I ran the repair and it completed. Was that a repair or a conversion for the new version?

Apparently 1.7 has installed now. However, upon opening it, it crashes the machine after a few seconds. The first crash resulted in a BSOD but subsequent crashes have just frozen the machine.

The new version looks very interesting and I would love to get it running. What can I do to make that happen?

Hi @James_Coyle,

Just to clarify, is the entire machine frozen or just Roon?

Do you receive any error messages?

The entire laptop goes black and I have to do a hard shutdown. The app does launch and the last screen I had open appears for about 10 sec then it crashes with no error msg or anything. I just got back after 3 wks and opened Roon and got msg that 1.7 would not work on my machine without first “fixing” the database. I replied continue and it did it’s thing and have not been able to get it to work since. I did have Fidelizer open when I first did the startup which isolates a core just for music so I uninstalled it and tried to start Roon again with the continual crashes after that. I have an IT friend trying to help-me via goto asst and tried it with go to iff but still no luck

Hi @James_Coyle,

This type of error is not something that could be caused by Roon, but Roon could certainly expose other issues. Typically these types of issues may stem from failing hardware or drivers that Roon uses.

With 1.7, Roon does do a bit more with OpenGL functionality of graphics drivers, so here’s what I recommend doing to start:

  1. Update your graphics drivers to the latest version directly from the manufacturer’s site (don’t rely on Windows driver updates for this).
  2. Install .NET framework 4.8

Give this a try and let us know if there is any change.

Dylan, we did complete both steps 1&2 as you suggested and also ran a malware scan. Still shutting down the computer with need of a hard restart.

Thanks for giving that a try, @James_Coyle.

Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link?


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