Roon 1.7 Not Finding Sonos SW. Help Appreciated

Afternoon all, installed & testing Roon today for a potential move towards this environment & have to say it’s winning me over rapidly.

But whilst Roon picks up all my Sonos and Chromecast & Shield devices it does not find three Sonos Sub Woofers that we have on the network and I’m wandering how I might fix that?

Just to mention all the Sonos devices are RJ45 connected to a Netgear 48 port gigabit switch then to a Linksys router … all very vanilla configured, no clever stuff to speak of.

If I can get a little help from more expert hands to fix this then I’d be in a great position to continue evaluating Roon and hopefully joining the club on a permanent basis.

Many thanks in advance

just a wild guess: your Subs are associated to mono/stereo speakers so they do not show

I have two stereo pairs, here, and Roon does not show the individual components: just the “sets” :wink:

Hi there … good question, got me thinking now…

There are two Sonos CA’s in the kitchen … one called Kitchen 1 and one called kitchen 2. Create yes? :slight_smile:

And attached to each of those there are a stereo pair of B&W CCM683’s.

Then Kitchen two is paired to the sub woofer under Sonos over an RJ45 connection.

And is a good point if I understand you correctly. I have to say I have not actually tried them to see if they are active, only looked for them in Roon.

So you are thinking they are there and active just not visible under Roon?

Could be and will go and test that. But how would you manage levels and settings if Roon not seeing them?



good question! no idea as I only have stereo pairs

I guess you set a “volume balance” between Sub and Speaker(s) in the Sonos app then, in Roon, you can only adjust volume “globally”

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Hi @Attacama40,

The Sonos SW is going to be grouped with another device in the Sonos app which and Roon will treat that as a single endpoint. You are not able to adjust the individual settings / levels of one of these grouped endpoints in Roon — That would need to be done in the Sonos app.

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Thanks Dylan, very much like Paolo mentioned. Got it! Will try that later but makes sense and is tick off my ‘new user’ try out list! :slight_smile:

Thanks again

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