Roon 1.7 - ROONALBUMTAG - Possible Bug?

Loving Roon 1.7 so far, many thanks all!

I’ve been playing with the new ROONALBUMTAG feature and don’t know whether I have uncovered a bug or whether this is expected behaviour.

I have a number of Hyperion sampler albums, they are released each month. I thought it would be a good idea to tag these with the ROONALBUMTAG so I can quickly locate these albums.

This works fine and if I go to the Albums vier in Roon and apply the tag it shows the albums up correctly.

However, if I go to the Artists view and do the same I see all albums where the aritist has participated in, not just the album that had the tag.

To keep things simple I have just tagged one track on one album to start with.

In Roon Albums view - it only shows up the single album

But in Artists view it displays other albums that the Artists were tagged in



Hi, @Trickydickie, thanks for the report. On the Artists browser, when you filter by TAG, Roon is displaying artists which participated in the albums which are included into that TAG. When you go to the Artist details page this filter is no longer applied. Because filtering by TAG is not available on the Artist details page.



Thank you for clarifying this

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