Roon 1.7 Runs Nice but Not seeing all Tidal Catalog?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
i3 laptop 4gb 1TB SSD WIN 10 64 R 1.7

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
VM 70GB ISP, Latest gen Linksys router/Netgear 49 port switch. 90% connections RJ45, minimal wireless

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
All Sonos boxes with B&W ceiling speakers / HT 7.1 B&W + Pioneer AX10i in process being upgraded

Description Of Issue
Morning folks. Trial user here & first up thanks to all for the enthusiastic support these last few days. Has been a big help and education.

Roon trial install running well, finds NAS, finds all Sonos boxes, struggling a little with new interface but all good.

BUT I cannot see the same Tidal catalog I see on Tidal. Example. search on Foo Fighters on Tidal web browser, I get the sort of catalog I’d expect. Is a new sub taken out at same time as Roon and for precisely that reason.

Search via Roon and I see my NAS catalog (all present and correct) but only 5 albums and maybe 16 singles/EP’s? Strange? less than a third I’d expect to see. And I deliberately picked a mainstream act to do my first search on.

Have hunted for some exotic option that was filtering out but cannot see anything. I tend to use most apps or devices pretty much vanilla … no huge amount of tinkering.

Any ideas please? It sort of puts the blocks on what otherwise has been a compelling experience so far. I speak as a Sonos user considering adding Roon or migrating everything to this new world.

If I can get this key factor sorted then I can really start to test before my trial days are up…which approaches fairly quick I think.

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Attacama40,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see on the Foo Fighters artist page in Roon? Is there any specific album that’s not showing up for you here?

Sure Dylan. Thanks the quick reply

Ok so here we go with a screenshot out of the Win 10 Tidal app…apols I’m sure there’s a way shrink down the album sizes so you can see way more … and it’s an OK catalog in fairness…

Ok then we got the Roon screens … I have to do in two. The first (and top one) is 100% the contents of my NAS … all good…

But the second is Roon’s version (I think) of the same Tidal catalog entry…

and then a few more odds and sods below…

Off the top of my head I guess theres maybe 14 Foo Fighters albums but I see only 5 in the Tidal catalog.

Looked for a setting or suchlike but struggling to see any. Also I need find a setting shrick the size of the albums on Tidal and Roon.

Think if I can get this one cracked then can have a proper play and decide join the club! :slight_smile:

Cheers Dylan

Hi @Attacama40 — Thanks for the screenshots! This definitely helps understand what you’re seeing.

This is the intended behavior within Roon. In Roon, the goal is not to keep separate streaming and local libraries. Instead, content in your library is a combination of local and streaming albums.

Let’s use the Foo Fighters self-titled album as our example here. If you select that album and go to the Versions tab, you’ll see other versions of this album that Roon has found. This might be other local versions of the album and it will also include albums from streaming services. You can then add those versions to your library and choose which Roon sees as the primary version.

I hope that helps to clarify things!

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Thanks Dylan but still struggling a bit.

The top section is definitely a mirror of my NAS FF selection. The reason I know? As I accidentally wiped a huge selection of FF tracks/albums that were quite nicely cataloged. I was left with this limited selection which mirrors my selection… for example…


For sure I can see the RHD suggestions in Tidal … like that. But the selection below within the black band, definitely appears to be the Tidal selection which still seems very small compared to the web browser selection.

Just to tag a sub question please Dylan. Well wow, just wow … hardly the pinnacle of audio nirvana I’m sure but oh my god, the Tidal Hifi version of Come Alive of the Patience and … FF album. I never knew there were sounds like that in there…seriously. Is like a whole new song.

That is through a badly spaced pair of B&W CCM 683’s and no SW and low wicked bass. I can see options surrounding the RH corner volume control but cannot see a simple way of turning the bass up Dylan? Possible to give a quick layman’s guide in addition to the above please?

The B&W’s are driven by the new Sonos Amp … the black square one and I know that has no high res stuff but blimey, if this is an entry level to Roon & Tidal then I have some journey to go here. Amazed.

Just to make sure re-iterate how/what Roon will display in this Section:

Roon displays Tidal albums which you do not have in your library already. So, for example, because I own every Led Zep album, Roon does not show anything under “Tidal Main Albums”. Instead, the Tidal “duplicates” of what I already have in my system, are displayed under each album, under the “Versions” Tab right next to the Tracks Tab.

Now, if the issue is that Roon is not seeing an album you own, or are merging a version in with another version and you think that is incorrect; then, that is a different problem.

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Hi Daniel and thanks for the steer. I’m sort of getting that.

But how does that affect a situation when a track appears on the NAS off a specific album and then represents that album in Roon but in fact it is not an album, just a track from an album. That is the case with those tracks (posing as full albums) above the Tidal items.

The logic you describe would be great if those NAS held albums were in fact full and indeed to the same high quality as the Tidal ones … some of mine are, many are not. And having today heard the difference between the Tidal versions and the very mixed bag I have, then I’m very won over. But how to achieve that consistently?

It sounds like there are a couple of issues. One issue is that some of your albums are incomplete, and (apparently) another issue is that some albums are lower resolution MP3 albums. Depending on how large this problem is you might fix it this way.
First, Roon will make one album in your library the “Primary” version, the one that plays by default. Roon will automatically select the highest resolution album as the primary album if there are multiple copies. You could replace many of your MP3 albums with Tidal FLAC files as follows:
From Album view, go to Focus (top left of album view screen), scroll to the right of the Focus box that comes up and select ‘Format’. Then select MP3. This will bring up all your MP3 albums.
You can then go through each of them and under the versions tab select the Tidal version and add it to your library. That will now become the primary version.
As for incomplete albums, I can’t think of an easy way around that. Hopefully many of the incompletes are also MP3s and this will fix the bulk of your problem.

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You provided my homework for this evening sir, many thanks.

Yes I understand that and in fairness there is zero reason why I cannot delete those ‘one off’ and ‘lower grade’ tracks … they had temporary purpose and then just became, how shall we say … resident. I will remove those and that should clean up the logic.

And I guess by refining in this manner, it allows the Tidal main catalog fuller access.

But will absolutely look at the instruction set you mention and try that as well.

It’s certainly the case that I’m not road testing audio capabilities but navigation, interfaces and I suppose philosophy to some extent. Trouble is I got x out of 14 days now to master that. I feel like I’m cram learning again for my degree finals on the side of the road at 4.45 am … the day of the test. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the support and explanation Scott. Will come back with how I get on. Good community you got here … without sounding like the Partridge Family … shows age, recoils in embarrassment…


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