Roon 1.7 Skipping to Next Streamed Track Before Track Finishes

Room Core: Windows 10 Professional 64 bit, 1.7 Build 500 on i7 ASuS laptop with 24 GB RAM.

Network: Velop Mesh. Comcast 1 GB Service.

Roon core hard wired to main Velop router via unmanaged gigabit switch along with Drono NAS.

Wireless mesh to second Velop router. Then Hard wired to Roon Endpoint which is PS Audio Bridge card in a DirectStream DAC. All using CAT 7 Ethernet.

PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with Bridge Card installed.

No DSP used in Roon. Background Audio a f On Demand Analysis Throttled.

Roon stops playing streamed context mid track and skips to next track. Happens often but intermittently. Did not happen before upgrade.


Hi @Andrew_Lightman,

Any change if you log out of TIDAL/Qobuz in Roon and log back in?

Will try and get back to you.

Ok. Did that. No skips yet. Give me a bit to test it. Tomorrow I have a SGC server coming. I plan to move my core to it and connect it to the Bridge with Ethernet.

Re-logging seems to have cleared the issue. No skips this evening. Thank you.

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