Roon 1.8 763. IOS client / Mac Pro core. IOS lagging really badly

1.It’s taking WAY too long to scan the library. took 2 days to reach 50K :frowning:
2.Pressing the NEXT buttons sometimes take 30 seconds to play the NEXT song, even on local NAS storage
3.It’s taking forever to check for updates for the core as well.

Help please


To better assist you, please provide some information about your setup as described in the following post. Specifically, please provide details of your Core–it seems odd that this isn’t on the subnet–and your network. Thanks.

Possibly because Roon spends a really long time to try to get the metadata from the internet (waiting until requests time out)?


Your Core is not on the latest stable version (756 vs 763). Did the running update check succeed (Checking for an update …)? Current version now is build 764.
Roon Server running in a supported setup/environment and connected to the internet should not report the IP-address of the local loopback interface ( or so I would think.

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Dear Support,

I am running a mac pro os detail as follows : -

Client is a IOS Ipad Pro ver 14.4 running roon 1.8 763.

End point is ropieee ver 1.7 - 571

The storage are NAS, thunder bolt direct access storage and usb.

About 20 TB in total for digital files.

My ios roon is use super slow and lag until it unusable. I have deleted all my storage since my posting and re added them again into Roon.

It’s still “processing” them

I have another roon client at the Roon Server which is “updating”

As you can see from the above image, roon core is still “checking updates” since my posting.

Below are my network ip details/subnet etc etc

The mac pro Roon client has successfully updated to the latest version as per below image. Core is still “checking for an update”

Thanking you in advance.

Looks like Roon Server is having issues with it’s network access. Can you add more details about the machine it’s running on and your network setup?

20 tb is a very big library, (how many tracks) may take several days to analyse. While that is happening the pc wI’ll be sluggish.

How many cores are you dedicating to analysis Settings Library

Can you split your library down into bite size chunks

i will agree 20TB is a sizebale chunk but roon has complete the import and scanning

i have turn off back ground analysis of the library as well : -

the issue now is this : -

Roon core is STILL checking for updates - what is going on ?
Is there anyway to check/diagnose what EXACTLY is going on ? Roon core checking for updates does not take more than 24 hour.

Roon resides at This is my network setup

Can support share some light on what’s going on or how to FORCE an update for Roon Core.

What is ROON CORE processing ? Notice the circle on the far right top. It’s spinning non stop

Thanks folks for all your input

As previously mentioned, Roon is advertising an IP address for localhost ( which isn’t good. I suspect the update hasn’t completed because Roon doesn’t have a route to your Internet gateway.

Have you tried restarting Roon?

how do i restart the ROON SERVER ?

ps…i will hard reset my mac pro now and see how it goes.


Hey @fan_shing,

If Roon can’t complete the update of your Core, you can try updating yourself. You should be able to find instructions for your Core here:

Thanks for your efforts to find a solution and thanks to everyone for chiming in :pray:

i can’t click on ANY button. The core part just says checking for updates. It’s been like that since 48 hours.

I took care of it. I killed the PID, wipe out ALL TRACES of ROON Server.

Update the mac os to 11.2.2

Reinstall Roon Server. And Core successfully updated herself.

Everything is nice and “smooth” now.

Thanks folks for all your input.

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Great that it works, but there is an issue with the IP address of the core, it should be something like Others mentioned that too. I would check that.

Do you see the address for the Core on this device too?

How’s that to understand? Do you run Roon Server and Roon on the same Mac?

If so, this may explain the loopback address. If you see the real address ( when check from another device then your Core itself, your Core’s network is probably fine but I can’t tell for sure as I don’t have such a setup.

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Hey @fan_shing,

Thanks for your continued effort in finding a solution and for engaging on the community to do so. I’m thrilled all is well now. Thanks for sharing.

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