Roon 1.8/952 Problems

Roon Core Machine

iMac 19,2
macOS 12.4
3.6 GHz Intel 8-core i9

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Direct USB Connect to PSAudio DirectStream DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

Approximately 10,000

Description of Issue

I am very disappointed with the latest version of Roon (1.8/952 MAC using macOS 12.4).

I have never had a problem before this version. Since it was installed, playlists just stop playing, certain songs within albums (that played perfectly before) will not play, and the program upon encountering one of these situations just locks-up. It should be noted that all other audio programs, on this computer, (when they encounter a song that Roon will not play), play the songs and their respective album without any problem (MAC Music, Audirvana, JRriver Media Center 29). Only Roon exhibits these problems and only since 1.8/952.

Today, I just added a new 192/24 album download, and for an unknown reason, Roon refuses to play two songs on the album (and again the other audio programs have absolutely no problem with the album and the songs).

Hi @Andrew_Hudak,

I understand it’s been some time since you posted, and please accept our apologies that we didn’t respond sooner.

I’m curious to hear if you’ve experienced any improvements since updating to the latest build (Build 970). We fixed a number of regressions affecting Mac OS Cores.

If you’re continuing to experience issues with playback like you described, the team is standing by to pinpoint the issue and resolve it accordingly.

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