Roon 1.8 a huge success

Am I alone? I love the upgrade … it really brings Roon up to date visually, The browsing experience for me is smooth and glitch-free on MacOS and iOS equally. Rock and Core all working as perfectly as the Rooners and Roonettes would have imagined. Thank you Roon for taking care of my investment in your software. I am sorry you have to deal with hate mail from those ungrateful sods who have nothing better to do than complain.


In loving 1.8? Probably not. In assuming that everyone else’s grievances are nothing more that petty and ungrateful complaints? Yep, you may be in a very small and self-satisfied minority on that one.


I like it a lot. I was put off by all the negative comments, so I just stopped reviewing threads like 1.8 is massive failure, etc.
I now check out these more positive threads or individual topics that interest me.
It doesn’t help to call them sods though.

Try I love 1.8 thread etc.


Yep, don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to like, but there’s also a lot of problems regarding functionality - in terms of both removal (lack of playlist info in album view, tag functionality, etc) and operation (the logic for tags, which now breaks a lot of bookmarks, and so on). There are also issues with stability, and a whole bunlch of other stuff, including the rather garish new appearance.

While most people might not be affected by all of these issues, and clearly some don’t seem to be affected by any of them, being in the latter category doesn’t really warrant insulting those in the former.


I definitely agree with this. No insults needed. However I have been rather taken aback by the tone of some of the complaints. I never thought I’d see such aggression over a piece of software.


Very much loving the new upgrade! My Intel NUC running my Roon Rock Core with version 1.8 connected to my Synology NAS is working flawlessly. The first day I had some slight issues with my queue not being able to make new track suggestions, but that was fixed in short order. Really like the new interface. I’m not sure why users are calling it a “massive failure.” All of my zones are working flawlessly. I upgraded my iOS and Android devices first before upgrading my PC and Rock core and had no issues. The new Version 1.8 connected right away to my NAS and found all of my stored local tracks. I also have Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions and those streaming services are working perfectly. Actually I couldn’t be happier. Will continue to be an annual subscriber to help Roon continue its mission. Cheers!


A $699 lifetime helps also.


Yeah love it to, the new ui rocks on my galaxy S10+ phone, love Focus and even dont mind the new used font anymore :notes:

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Not getting much traction this thread, isn’t it?

That might say more about human nature than about how many people have positive thoughts about the new version, though :wink:

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Yes, lifetime subscriptions also help. I am not trying to imply that they don’t. I was simply saying I will continue to support them as a subscriber. Not taking anything away from lifetime subscriptions.

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No, you are not alone.

I’m also happy with it. There’s no doubt of course that it can and will be improved. Discover for example could be more accessible, etc, but overall it’s a worthwhile overhaul and ambitious in its scope.

I think the anger of many of the negative comments has as much to do with the frustrations of lockdown fever as anything else, as testified to by the tone of voice and language many of the critical posters feel entitled to use.

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I love it! Best update they’ve ever done, and glad to get a full refresh!


A lot of this depends on your use case.

If you primarily use Roon on mobile devices, 1.8 might be huge gain for you. If you primarily use Roon on the desktop, features that were loved by many were either removed outright, hidden out of view or shrunken to the point of being much harder to use. Plus, the use of space and the arrangement of items on the desktop and the font sizes made 1000% more sense in 1.7.

So the objective experience of Roon 1.8 is not the same for everyone. And that’s before you even get to the matter of subjective opinion about what matters and what doesn’t.


I keep reading about a massive fonts issue, but I have not noticed a significant change between v1.7 and v1.8 in the desktop app. I’ve no idea what everyone is on about; it all looks great to me.

I think there is a lot of truth to this. I mostly use an iPad Pro to control a CORE on a Nucleus+. This is where most of my positive experiences originate.

  • The album title font is now gigantic, pushing song titles down and out of the initial album view.
  • The song title font is smaller. I found it hard to read (at least in dark mode) and I never did before.
  • The fonts for the currently playing song information (now at the bottom left of the screen) are smaller. The currently playing artist font is extremely small. Despite the fact that the fonts are smaller, the information is often truncated because it is now pushed into the lower left corner of the screen.

Whether or not you find these differences to be significant or whether you feel that it “looks great” is a matter of opinion. I find them all to be changes for the worse.


I am very happy with it thus far. Easy upgrade and it just works for what I want/need. Considering I bought a lifetime membership years ago I have nothing to complain about.


Count me in as extremely happy, and I share a number of concerns with those who think there are issues, I just tend to see the glass half full and for my use case the software and UI just work better for me. I have tons of empathy for those who don’t like it. I think 85% of what ‘they’ (sorry to generalize, it’s hard not to without devolving into lists) want can be fixed/implemented with no cost to me. And some of what is being asked for would actually limit or take away from what I like about 1.8 over 1.7. So there we are - I think, based on the responses I’ve read - that team Roon is quite sensibly going after the stuff that is problematical [sic] and which doesn’t take away from their intent. But it’s never going to be perfectly configurable, no software is, and I think that Roon knows in aggregate, on average, and in certain use cases, whether usage has gone up or down - and engagement is the winning KPI for software these days.

Love the passion. Don’t always love the tone. Feel bad for those whose useage is compromised in some way. Feel confident the majority of stuff will be taken care of. Feel fortunate that my use case has been enhanced. Hope that others get that same sense over time.